Valorant Yoru Rework 2022 – release date, gameplay, abilities, more


Valorant Yoru Rework is in the pipeline, and developers and leakers are continuously dropping new information.

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“I’m willing to fight anyone.” When players chose VALORANT’s agent Yoru at the agent choice screen, he exclaims, “I’ll fight everyone.”

Many people were thrilled to try out Yoru’s distinctive, decoy-based outfit when he made his VALORANT debut in January 2021. But gamers quickly recognized he didn’t offer enough to the table, and he’s currently the game’s least-played agent.

Yoru is only effective in the hands of skilled VALORANT players with good aim. He’s a duelist, but he’s also one of the least popular in both VALORANT Ranked and professional play. Riot Games has opted to tweak Yoru’s kit and offer Valorant Yoru Rework to make him more viable in order to improve his low pick rate.

Fortunately, Riot Games has heard from its players and has just unveiled the improvements that will be coming with Valorant Yoru Rework 2022.

Yoru’s Gatecrash, Fakeout, and Ultimate abilities will all undergo significant alterations. Some gameplay footage of his improved skills was just released. So, let’s take a look at Valorant Yoru Rework, including the ability modifications and how they affect gameplay.

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Valorant Yoru Rework – Ability changes

Riot Games published a blog post a few weeks ago detailing all of the changes to Yoru’s rework. All of his ability modifications are listed here, along with a full explanation.

Yoru’s Fakeout-

Fakeout is now a complete replica of Yoru, who sprints ahead and explodes and debuffs foes when injured. It was formerly a directionally mimicking the sound of Yoru’s footfall to deceive attackers.

As an extra touch, when the duplicate is fired, it faces the person who fired the shot and flashes in a conal direction towards their position.

You will be able to determine that it is Yoru’s duplicate and not the actual Yoru because you are an ally of Yoru. This is to ensure that Yoru does not confuse his allies as to who the real one is and who the clone is.

They will regard an identical replica of Yoru as an adversary. We discovered during playtests that the copy was successful at interrupting an enemy’s moment-to-moment gameplay—which is fantastic—but not when your team becomes confused.

Yoru’s Gatecrash –

Apart from the team generating the additional art pieces needed to bring this segment of Yoru’s update to life, not much has changed with this one since the last upload. The “puddle” left on the ground after a phony teleport is a major deal here.

While the objective of the false teleport is to cause doubt about Yoru’s position, you should be able to go to the site of the fake teleport and determine if the actual Yoru is present, or if the teleport was a ruse.

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Yoru’s Dimensional Drift –

The following is a list of the modifications that occurred during Yoru’s ult:

  • With new rework, while in Dimensional Drift, Yoru will be enabled to cast any utility spell.
  • Yoru won’t be viible to enemies eyes.
  • Yoru’s footsteps can be heard by enemies.
  • Nearsightedness is eliminated.
  • The unequip delay time has been somewhat increased.
  • When casting Dimensional Drift, a cast delay has been introduced to prevent the invulnerability frame from being cast.

It’ll be fascinating to watch how these adjustments influence the agent in the 4.03 patch, and whether they increase Yoru’s pick rate and make it a viable agent in the pro scene.

Valorant Yoru Rework Gameplay leak

A notable VALORANT leaker, ValorLeaks, just posted some gameplay footage of the Valorant Yoru Rework.

Yoru’s new Fakeout ability, which illuminates foes when shot at, is demonstrated in the first half. The clip then transitions to Yoru’s newly updated Ultimate. Yoru’s skills are not disclosed to adversaries during the new Ultimate, and he is free to employ them all.

The disadvantage is that he will be delayed upon exiting his ultimate.

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Valorant Yoru Rework Release date

Valorant Yoru Rework does not yet have a release date. On March 2nd, 2022, it might be released alongside the new Episode 4 Act 2 Battle Pass.

According to the VALORANT fandom page, Yoru is originally from Tokyo, Japan, and is trying to piece together his background. VALORANT players refuse to select him during matches, despite his haughty and cold manner. Players who select Yoru have also been accused of being harassed by teammates.

Yoru has probably been one of Valorant’s most overlooked Duelists, both in pubs and on the competitive arena, since its first release. While his outfit is obviously innovative in principle, it isn’t really effective in practice.

The agent has always had tremendously low pick rates and a horrible win record in the professional arena, which is why Valorant players all over the globe have been requesting a Valorant Yoru Rework from Riot.

So bringing a Valorant Yoru Rework 2022 indeed seems like a smart choice, and fans are also eagerly awaiting the same.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.

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