LoL Briar abilities and exciting gameplay officially revealed


Riot has officially revealed LoL Briar, the hangry jungler along with new details on her abilities, exciting gameplay, origin, and release date.

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LoL Briar abilities and exciting gameplay officially revealed

Riot Games has officially introduced Briar as the latest upcoming Champion for League of Legends. Over the past week, Riot has been gradually revealing teasers about Briar and there have been numerous leaks surrounding the champion, building anticipation for her official unveiling. Now, that anticipation has culminated in the introduction of LoL Briar, who stands out as one of the more distinctive Champions in the game’s recent history.

Not only a formal introduction, but we also got information on LoL Briar’s abilities and gameplay.

LoL Briar’s Abilities

Each one of LoL Briar’s abilities has been disclosed in a new article talking about the upcoming jungler champion. Here they are outlined below.

Briar’s Passive – Crimson Curse

Briar doesn’t naturally regenerate health, and casting abilities consume her health. However, she heals proportionate to her missing health and inflicts accumulating bleed damage (physical) on foes. A portion of the damage inflicted also restores her health, with healing being more potent as her health diminishes.

Briar’s Q – Head Rush

Similar to Viego, this ability involves a leaping action that shreds the target’s Armor. While it can be targeted at any unit, champions take precedence. The prioritization on champions can be interrupted if she employs her Q on a minion or monster while under the effect of Blood Frenzy.

Briar’s W – Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack

Blood Frenzy

Briar’s initial activation of W propels her to a designated spot and taunts the nearest champion-prioritizing enemy briefly. This grants her enhanced Movement and Attack Speed, along with splash physical damage around the target.

Snack Attack

With a recast of her W, Briar can execute Snack Attack, empowering her next strike. This attack inflicts damage based on the target’s missing health and offers substantial healing to Briar.

Briar’s E – Chilling Scream

Briar dispenses with Blood Frenzy to initiate a channeling line ability. During this channeling, she obtains damage reduction and regenerates health. Upon reaching full charge, she executes a line AoE attack, dealing damage proportional to the channeling time. This ability also imparts a slowing effect on hit enemies. If fully charged, her E deals maximum damage, thrusts enemies back, and stuns them upon colliding with a wall.

Briar’s R – Certain Death

Briar launches a global-range line ability toward an enemy, marking them. She then dashes into the target, causing damage and instilling fear in nearby foes. Subsequently, she enters an Empowered Frenzy state, sustaining it until either she or the target perishes. During Empowered Frenzy, she gains Armor, Magic Resist, and additional Movement Speed.

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One of the concept arts of League of Legends Briar.

LoL Briar’s Gameplay Approach

LoL Briar is designed as a Jungler and presents distinctive characteristics that differentiate her from other Champions in the same role. Unlike traditional health regeneration, Briar restores health by attacking minions, jungle camps, or enemy Champions. This self-healing intensifies when her health is low.

In her champion reveal, Briar is depicted as a cheerful and friendly character. Her motivation centers around companionship and blood consumption, which drive her and prevent her from succumbing to frenzy. She emerges from her bloodlust only when necessary, creating a challenging scenario for her adversaries.

Lead game designer August Browning highlights that playing LoL Briar doesn’t demand excessive technical prowess, but rather elevated awareness and strategic decision-making. Skillfully managing her frenzy state is crucial for success, given the potential risks posed by her abilities like “W” and her ultimate if not utilized judiciously.

Who is LoL Briar?

For those unfamiliar with Briar, here’s an introduction. Briar originates from the in-game realm of Noxus and represents a vampire-like figure. In contrast to champions like Vladimir, LoL Briar is almost always in a ferocious state, rendering her uncontrollable. Due to her chaotic nature, she was eventually confined and placed in a pillory to mitigate the damage she could cause.

Interestingly, Briar finds solace in her confinement and consistently maintains it.

Riot’s description of Briar explains, “Briar was created through hemomancy (blood magic) by the Black Rose as a living weapon. She requires blood consumption to fuel herself. While the Black Rose granted her sentience to comprehend and carry out orders, there was a flaw. To make her lethal, the Black Rose kept her in a perpetual frenzy—a state of insatiable bloodlust. In this frenzied state, LoL Briar’s intellect and vocabulary were reduced to, ‘AHHHH! MORE BLOOD!'”

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Leaked Splash Art of League of Legends Briar

On September 6 or 7, Briar should make her PBE debut at some time this week. After this, Briar should spend many weeks on the PBE realm so that Riot can make sure there are no obvious bugs or other problems with the Champ.

Briar is then anticipated to launch with LoL Patch 13.18. So, September 14, 2023, is the possible release date.

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