How To Upgrade Your Weapons In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown


In Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, weapons play a crucial role in helping you survive battles. Throughout your main adventure, you’ll face tough enemies, powerful bosses, and mini-bosses that require smart gameplay. To improve your chances of winning, it’s important to upgrade your weapons.

Upgraded weapons are not just about blocking or dodging attacks; they also help you perform combos and deal more damage to enemies. 

Learning how to upgrade your weapons is vital for overcoming the tough challenges in the game and coming out victorious. Therefore, read this short guide on how to upgrade your weapons in prince of persia the lost crown.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

To upgrade your weapons stronger, you need two special materials: Time Crystals and Azure Damascus Ingots. You can find them as you explore the game world. It’s important to get these materials early because upgrading your weapon gets more expensive over time. By upgrading your weapon, you can handle tougher enemies better.

Keep in mind that upgrading at Kaheva’s Forge doesn’t change how your weapon works; it just makes it deal more damage. This becomes really important as you progress in the game and face stronger enemies and bosses. 

Stronger weapons help you take down tough enemies more easily, making the game smoother, especially for experienced players.

Where to Find Kaheva’s Forge

Kaheva’s Forge is located to the left of the Magi Emporium shop. It’s a large, glowing yellow door that leads to a mysterious area. To find the doorway, you can:

  • Get close to the shining spot on the wall to the left of the Old Mage
  • Interact with the symbol to turn it into a door 

Kaheva’s Forge is a room with a 15-foot tall fire goddess working on an anvil. The goddess is Kaheva, also known as The Blacksmith. 

Where to Find Azure Damascus Ingots

In the game, there are 20 Azure Ingots hidden around the map. If you collect them and take them to Keheva’s Forge, you can make your sword and bow more powerful. To fully upgrade both weapons, you’ll need all 20 ingots.

You can only get Azure Damascus Ore in the tough areas of Mount Qaf. The number of Azure Damascus Ingots you need for upgrades depends on the specific item and its upgrade requirements.

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