Marvel’s Blade Would Be Xbox Exclusive: Claims Reliable Industry Insider


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Marvel’s Blade made quite the splash at the Game Awards 2023, surprising everyone with its announcement. Developed by Arkane Lyon, known for their work on Dishonored and Deathloop, this game promises an original story inspired by the Blade comics. It revolves around the iconic vampire hunter, set against the backdrop of Paris, complete with the now-iconic coat and glasses. Details like the release date and platforms are still under wraps, fueling a lot of speculation.

But since Bethesda directly owns Arkane Lyon, the game’s developer, there have been some doubts over whether the superhero game will only be available on Microsoft’s platform. However, now a reliable industry insider suggested that Marvel’s Blade could indeed be an Xbox exclusive.

Marvel’s Blade Would Be Xbox Exclusive: Claims Reliable Industry Insider

Responding to queries on Twitter about the game’s platform, @Shpeshal_Nick, a prominent but occasionally unpredictable leaker, stated that Marvel’s Blade would be exclusive to Xbox. Nick responded, “I do. It is” to a post made by an X user titled “No One Seems To Know If Arkane’s ‘Blade’ Game Is Xbox Exclusive.”

Also, when questioned about the reliability of his claims and whether one should believe him or not, Nick said, “You should. I was told Indiana Jones was exclusive too and we all saw how that turned out.”

Further supporting Nick’s claim is the fact that Redfall was the first project to be released after Xbox acquired Bethesda and the game can only be found on PCs and Microsoft platforms.

As things stand, Marvel’s Blade appears to have a chance of being an Xbox exclusive, though a lot will rely on who receives the publishing rights. PlayStation will be the only platform where Insomniac’s Marvel’s Wolverine is being produced. On the other hand, even though MLB The Show was created by a PlayStation first-party studio, it can be played on Microsoft platforms. Therefore, it will be fun to see what is in store for the forthcoming Blade game. However, do keep in mind that Nick did disclose last year that Indiana Jones was an exclusive which was proven true during the legal proceedings.

Marvel’s Blade On Xbox Game Pass?

Speculation also surrounds the game’s potential availability on Xbox Game Pass. There was no reference in the official information about the title’s arrival on Microsoft’s gaming subscription service. There’s solid evidence, nevertheless, to suggest that it will be accessible through Game Pass. Every new game released by an Xbox first-party studio is included in the subscription program on Day One. The two most notable examples from the recent past are Forza Motorsport and Starfield.

Therefore Marvel’s Blade release on Xbox Game Pass on day one should not surprise anyone.

Well, we can expect to hear some more solid reasons as to why Nick claims that Marvel’s Blade will be Xbox exclusive because when a user questioned Nick “If [Marvel’s Blade will be Xbox exclusive], why do you think they wouldn’t mention platforms in the announcement?” he said, “I have theories. But Twitter doesn’t give me enough characters to explain myself. I’ll talk about it this weekend.

Marvel’s Blade is a game that has a lot of anticipation, even though no gameplay has been shared. But until the creators officially announce its exclusivity to Xbox, readers are encouraged to hold off on drawing any conclusions. For now, it seems likely that we’ll have to wait quite a bit as Akane Lyon has just begun development on Marvel’s Blade game.

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