Minecraft 1.20 update: release date, title, features, leaks, and more (predictions)


Minecraft 1.20 update will certainly be released in the near future and like any other update, this Minecraft 1.20 update will also bring in new features, mobs, and much more for the fans.

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In the gaming world, we usually wait until we have leaked info about a particular game before we start speculating and philosophizing about it. But here, we intend to take a step beyond and make predictions about a title that we have zero leaks about.

The game of our choice is Minecraft 1.20. If we have scared you with our choice of words, don’t worry. All the predictions we make will be highly informed, not at all random, and wholly based on the patterns we have observed in previous updates like Minecraft 1.19.

Now that we mention it, we have seen exciting additions in the 1.19 update like the Mangrove Swamps with frogs, the Allay, and the Deep Dark with the Warden protecting the Ancient City. And it wouldn’t be wrong to expect the same with Minecraft 1.20 update.

But now let’s dive right into these ‘predictions’ for Minecraft 1.20 update, shall we?

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Minecraft 1.20 release date

Minecraft has still kept up its status of being one of the greatest games around the world, and it is all due to developer Mojang as he brings a lot of new and astounding substance into the world of Minecraft every once in a while.

We have already received tonnes of updates in the game, and the developers have no plan on stopping either.

Let’s look at the release dates of the last 5 updates of Minecraft: December 2019, June 2020, June 2021, November 2021, and June 2022. Ignoring the disruption of the pattern in these dates due to the pandemic year, 2020, our highly informed Minecraft 1.20 release date guess is November 2022.

But if this update’s scale gets bigger, the release could happen in December 2022 or January 2023.

Minecraft 1.20 update title

The approach the developers use for naming a Minecraft is simple: it is named after the change it introduces in the game. Well, as we mentioned proudly at the beginning, we have no leaks about this update. Hence, we have no information on what changes are planned for it.

So we have decided to make educated guesses concerning possible titles based on the previous announcements. These are:

  • The End Update
  • Combat Update
  • Savanna Update
  • Archaeology Update
  • The Wild Update Part 2
  • Farming Update
  • Desert Update

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Confirmed Minecraft 1.20 features

Spectator Mode

We discovered that the developers have put the spectator game mode to the test for Minecraft Bedrock in this year’s Minecraft Preview. This April’s Minecraft Now also featured it. If you want to fly and see through solid parts of this world, this is the mode for you. It’s there in the Java edition already, and it’s quite stable in the Bedrock edition. So there’s a high possibility we see it in Minecraft 1.20.

New Bedrock UI

All those who have played Minecraft’s Bedrock edition know that its UI is not as good as the Java edition. Even its touch edition has some mismatched buttons. But some preview versions of the game have given us a glimpse of the new UI of Minecraft’s Bedrock edition. The version looks finished to us, and it’s sure to be released with or before Minecraft 1.20.

Fix mobs spawning in Nether Portal

The Minecraft 1.19 Pre-release 2 notes tell us that the developers are trying to get the mobs spawning in the Nether portal to stop. If these mobs somewhat do spawn, they’ll at least be deterred from shifting dimensions at once. Don’t underestimate this fix. It’ll lead to more protected Nether farms and bases.

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Fresh Minecraft 1.20 biomes

News flash: all the biomes we mention here fall within what is called speculation. The premise for said speculation is that Minecraft has teased many revamped and new biomes over the years that never made the cut. Maybe they’ll find a stake in Minecraft 1.20 update.

Desert Biome

The 2018 Minecraft biome vote which selected one biome to revamp assured us that the losing biomes would eventually find their way into the game. The Desert biome is one of the losing ones and we think it’ll make the cut in Minecraft 1.20.

The revamped Desert biome will feature will have meerkats, palm cats, and maybe even an oasis. Here the developers said that fresh variants of the cactuses are being worked upon, so maybe we’ll see them in this biome.

Savanna Biome

This is the second losing candidate in the 2018 Minecraft elections. The developers in their wisdom may decide to use this biome to revamp and include in Minecraft 1.20. Then we’ll get to see decomposing plants, lovely ostriches, Baobab trees, and even termites.

Badlands Biome

This list thrives on the losing biomes of past elections. The 2019 elections had a mountain biome as the winner. But the losing Mangrove swamp biome also got revamped and included in Minecraft 1.19. The one that’s left is the Badlands biome. Fingers crossed, its revamp may get selected for Minecraft 1.20.

If the Badlands biome does get selected, then say hello to loot-stealing vultures, tumbleweeds, and new cactuses. The vultures will have an item-picking mechanic like the Allay in Minecraft 1.19.

Birch Forest Biome

Don’t worry, this list had to have a biome that isn’t a loser of elections. The concept art of a revamp of the birch forest was teased at the time of Minecraft 1.19. But later at the Ask Mojang 2022, the developers said it won’t be a part of the update. But the concept art was appreciated by many and might be included in Minecraft 1.20. That means taller trees, fresh plants, tree mushrooms, and hollow wood.

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New Minecraft 1.20 mobs

Caveat time: what follows are predictions and not in any way confirmed details. But still, enjoy the list of possible Minecraft 1.20 mobs below:

  • Ostriches (from Biome Chooser 2018)
  • Vultures (from Biome Vote 2019)
  • Meercats (from Biome Chooser 2018)
  • Fireflies (announced with Wild Update)
  • Termites (from Biome Chooser 2018)

Also, none of the mobs, other than fireflies, own official in-game renditions.

Parity changes of Minecraft 1.20

We expect Minecraft 1.20 to resolve whatever little differences remain between the Java and Bedrock editions.

Locate Biome Command

The Java edition has the “/locatebiome” command, which, as the name makes amply clear, allows players to locate biomes in their world. This sweet command is not there in the Bedrock edition, but there’s hope that it will soon be. However, this will happen has not been announced in any community post yet.

Banners in Maps

Minecraft Java lets you mark certain positions in your world by putting up banners there. As simple as it seems, the Bedrock edition doesn’t have it. So it is too much to hope this won’t be the case any longer in Minecraft 1.20?

Custom Shields

Java lets players put banners and shields together to make custom shields. There’s a high chance of this getting incorporated in the Bedrock Edition as developers have confirmed this to be in the pipeline in the Ask Mojang 2019.

Combat Changes

Turning axes into weapons was one of the significant changes the 2016 combat update of Minecraft Java brought with it. This update was never incorporated into the Bedrock edition. And as always, all hope rests on Minecraft 1.20 to reverse this prejudice.

Spectator and Hardcore Mode

The spectator mode is already in development as mentioned for the next update, but it’s not going to be a surprise if the hardcore game mode is released along with it for the Bedrock edition. The major feature you get in the hardcore mode is permanent death. In the Java edition, it’s there as an internal feature of the spectator mode. And so, there’s lots of hope that the 1.20 update will contain double whooper for the Bedrock edition.

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Minecraft 1.20 features we speculate

There are some pending features in Minecraft. It might so happen that Minecraft 1.20 acts as a bridge between these features and their installations in the game in the future. We describe some of these features below:

Bundles, New Village, and more

  • Bundles: Bundles are supposed to be alternative chests we can carry and store stuff. The developers have been yo-yo-ing about this feature’s inclusion now, and maybe 1.20 is the update we all get lucky in.
  • Villages: The major biomes are supposed to have villages of their own. But that isn’t the case always. The meadow biome has a spawn of the plains biomes. Also, there are villages for swamp and jungle biomes but no village spawns in any of them. Maybe Minecraft 1.20 will fix all this.
  • Fletching Table: This is all about giving some function to a block in Minecraft that has no job other than handing out jobs to Minecraft villagers. Again, we rest all our hope on Minecraft 1.20.
  • Illusioner & Giant Zombie: Both of these are in the game, but they do not naturally spawn. This is the sprinkle that hostile mobs need to shine bright.

Editor Mode

This is where an actual leak enters the picture. Twitter user SnokeyStack has data-mined the new Minecraft Preview version and claims that a new game mode, named the editor mode, might be joining in the fun soon. Apparently, there are powerful world editing tools in this mode much like the world-building mods.

There is doubt whether this wouldn’t be a Bedrock-only feature as Java’s snapshots made no mention of it. There is also the sad possibility that the editor mode is only for the official marketplace creators.

Archaeology System

The archaeology system, first announced at Minecraft Live 2020, was supposed to bring in excavation sites where you dig around to find blocks that contain artifacts and ceramic shards. We hope you can feel our disappointment through the screen when we mention that this system was to be a part of the Caves & Cliffs update, but was later scrapped.

To add insult to injury, these artifacts, in sufficient quantity, would tell pictorial stories. Clay pots were also proposed, to be decorated with ceramic shards and later to function as cooking utensils. Two years and this update haven’t come. Is Minecraft 1.20 the special update?

New Dimension

The Ancient City has people clamoring for a new dimension. You would know that the city’s main structure is a hollow window that is similar to the portal in the game. This ‘portal’ is made of deep slate blocks. And these blocks you can’t get in survival mode.

And as always, this isn’t official news. But we have some solid facts that compel us to believe it soon will be:

  • Why is it that a hostile mob is spawned in that area, such as the Warden, whose loot drops you obtain easily unless something more priceless was being guarded?
  • Soul fire is the stiff which Ancient Cities are made of. But you know it can’t be placed on each block. But since normal fire lights the Nether Portal, why wouldn’t soul fire light some portal too?
  • A music disc that has no music, but rather sounds of the Warden, portal activation, and people running, is what players get with Minecraft 1.19. Plus, there are sounds of an area that enjoys no existence in the game as of now.
  • The person who developed the Aether dimension mod, Kingbdogz, was hired by Mojang as their Gameplay Developer in 2020. And for him, a creepy dimension is the natural first thing to design.

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Minecraft 1.20: The best is yet to come

We repeat the maxim we began this post with: these are predictions and nothing more. We don’t claim these to even be leaks.

But if just half of what we discussed up there actually happens in Minecraft 1.20, you can bet it will be the best update of Minecraft we have seen to date. But that question will only be settled in November or December of this year. All we can do till then is wait patiently.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

Tripty is a skilled gaming industry writer that enjoys playing video games a lot. She, who has a passion for all things video game-related, has devoted countless hours to exploring various game worlds, evaluating gameplay, and exchanging tips with other players. Tripty enjoys going on outdoor experiences, learning about new music, and adding to their ever-expanding gaming library when they are not completely engrossed in the digital world.


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