Beginners tips for Garena Free Fire Mobile Battle Royale Game


Our Garena Free Fire guide will help mobile game players explore the popular battle royale game in an easy and efficient manner.

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Battle royale games have exploded in popularity, especially on mobile phones, ever since titles like PUBG and PUBG Mobile came onto the scene. Other game producers have tried their hands at getting into the battle royale scene. And one such game is Garena Free Fire, a battle royale video game for mobile phones.

Garena Free Fire is not just another game to try their luck in this area though. In 2019, the year which saw massive growth in the interest in battle royale titles, this game topped the charts as the most downloaded mobile game of the year. You can give this game a try even if you don’t know much about battle royales in general.

If you are no stranger to PUBG and PUBG Mobile, then playing this will prove to be easy for you. If not, however, then we are here to help with this list of the top 10 most useful beginner tips for the Garena Free Fire game. Read on!

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Garena Free Fire – Change controls for convenience

In Garena Free Fire, there is this option that allows players to place the controls wherever they want on the screen. And this is crucial in giving you that small edge over other players which helps you to dominate the game. If you are accustomed to playing a certain game that has a certain layout of controls on the screen, then you might want to change the placement of the controls of Free Fire to match that.

If you are a stealth player, keeping the crouch and sneak buttons nearer to the right could make things easier for you. Or you might want to experiment which a few placements of the controls before you settle down on one.

Garena Free Fire – Being passive makes you survive for longer

At least for the first few battles, given that you are a relatively inexperienced player, being passive is going to keep you alive for much longer than being active. Unless you are not trying out certain weapons and fighting techniques, camping and waiting for other players on the field to die, and waiting for the showdown, will prove to be the best course of action for the beginners of Garena Free Fire.

You can do this if you get to the region that’s between the outer and inner reaches of the map’s safe zone. You’ll stay safe there and won’t be so deep into the next safe zone that you come up against enemies.

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Garena Free Fire – Get familiar with characters and their skills

In Garena Free Fire, you have the option of choosing the character you want to fight with and also their skillset. And as someone who is not that great with the controls yet, this is of decisive importance with regards to the result of the match.

So for example, Kelly has the Dash ability, making her the game’s speedster, allowing her to run faster and make more lethal moves. Alvaro has the Art of Demolition ability which increases the range and damage of certain explosives. As you spend more time with the game, you’ll be able to make wise choices when it comes to choosing the correct characters for a specific match type.

Garena Free Fire – Keep moving at all times

As a beginner, you might be tempted to stay put in a safe zone and only emerge once the players start dying off. However, this might prove to be the very thing that kicks you out of the battle. You need to keep moving if want to avoid unneeded fights. Garena Free Fire has a variety of structures you can use as a safe zone when scouting out the area.

If we want to put numbers to this, we’d say half a minute is more than enough time for you to stay in one area. This will give you enough time to recover health, get some loot, and reload weapons.

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Garena Free Fire – If you see red, go with the impulse

In Free Fire, there is a feature about the crosshairs of the weapons. When you aim at a target, a red speck appears at the crossing of the crosshairs. And almost always, it disappears in a moment or two.

The red speck indicates that the target is directly in the line of fire and that if you fire at that moment, it will be a head shot and you’ll kill the target with a single shot.

You should develop almost a reflex to hit the fire button when you see this red dot. Especially in intense firefights, you won’t be able to pick out your opponents with your bare eyes. Here, this little feature could prove to be the difference between life and death. In the Garena Free Fire game, of course.

Garena Free Fire – Loot Kind does not matter in the beginning

What you’ll notice most players doing as soon as the game begins is that they all rush around trying to search for their favorite weapon type so that they would be able to gain the upper hand. This is at its root a wrong mentality.

You should try and train in as many weapon types as possible so that in case you don’t get the weapon you wanted, you won’t be left defenseless. The first moments of the game are important you’ll only be able to secure buildings and loot crates if you have sufficient firepower at your disposal. So try to use as many weapon types as possible and only look for your favorite weapons after the first few minutes.

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Garena Free Fire – Best ground = high ground

If you have any intention at all of staying in a region for longer than usual for any reason, get to high ground regardless of whether your playing style is passive or active. Free Fire gives you bunkers and tall buildings to stay safe from your opponents.

Who is the boss of a building in a particular match is a rather important factor which decides the outcome.

Buildings provide a great place for an ambush of your opponents. Also, you get amazing firing angles from the windows. When you see a player from higher ground, you have a better chance of hitting them in a crucial part of their body, like the head.

Garena Free Fire – Get max EP as much as possible

HP is the mechanic which is common in almost all battle royale games. In Free Fire, however, you have something called the EP mechanic, which you need to keep an eye on apart from HP. When you lose health, you consume EP slowly. This acts as a “buffer” for healing HP until you have to use some recovery item. This might come in handy in a situation gone sideways, but you don’t always regenerate EP by default.

You can only increase your EP by doing something like staying at campfires. You’d do well to keep this in mind before you go scuttling into safe zones. Keeping your EP higher will serve you for a long time, especially when there aren’t any regenerative items at hand, or when you need to move on to another battle without a break.

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Garena Free Fire – Develop stealth skills

Battle royales aren’t exactly FPS games, despite what the popular opinion might be. And so is the case with Free Fire. Here, strategy wins you half the battle and stealth the other half.

Our advice for newcomers to the Garena Free Fire game would be to sneak, and not walk, around places that have many doors, hallways, access points that have loot, and where other teams can spot them. And if you plan on ambushing an enemy team, then there is no better way to go about doing this other than crouching or sneaking. This also increases your accuracy in aiming. Going in with the guns blazing usually gives your opponent plenty of chance to escape.

Garena Free Fire – Engage in the Shrink Zone

A feature that you’ll find common in Free Fire and other battle royale games is the shrink zone. The longer you stay in these zones, the more damage you sustain. Of course, it is just simple logic that people would want to get out of there and not start a firefight as that’ll benefit no one. Right?

Well, not 100%. Here the element of doubt comes to your aid. And you can use this to decimate your enemies. Here is the deal: Keep just outside of the shrink zone and target the players that are inside the zone. Be close enough that you can easily spot them in the distance. You can now either block the paths of those you are trying to escape or simply fire at them.

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The players inside the zone will be confused about whether they should fight back or keep on trying to escape. However, if are not capable of staying outside the shrink zone and at the same time managing to shoot others, then you might want to keep this strategy on hold for the time being.

And there you have it! Ten of the best tips you can get if you are a beginner at the Garena Free Fire battle royales. Make sure that you try each of them out before deciding which ones to keep and which ones to discard.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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