Obsidian’s Proposals for Elder Scrolls Spin-off were Rejected by Bethesda


Elder Scrolls Spin-off, Bethesda, Obsidian, Obsidian's Proposals for Elder Scrolls Spin-off were Rejected by Bethesda
Obsidian’s Proposals for Elder Scrolls Spin-off were Rejected by Bethesda

Obsidian, a game development company, suggested several game ideas to Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls series. One of these ideas was similar to Fallout: New Vegas, a popular spin-off of the Fallout series. While Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 are well-liked, many fans consider Fallout: New Vegas their favorite modern game in the series. It seems that Obsidian proposed a similar Elder Scrolls spin-off adventure, but Bethesda didn’t go forward with the idea.

Elder Scrolls Spin-Off Proposals (similar to ‘New Vegas’) Were Rejected

On Twitter, game writer Chris Avellone shared details about some Elder Scrolls spin-off game ideas that the team proposed to Bethesda after creating Fallout New Vegas. He retweeted a news story from 80 Level where it was confirmed in 2022 that Obsidian suggested several Elder Scrolls spin-off ideas after they completed making Fallout New Vegas.

Avellone said that after Fallout: New Vegas did well, Obsidian tried to work with Bethesda on more Fallout-style games. They suggested ideas not just for big sequels, but for smaller, focused adventures in the Fallout world. They also pitched similar small adventures for The Elder Scrolls games, trying to bridge the gap between main releases like Fallout: New Vegas did for Fallout 3 and 4.

Unfortunately, none of these ideas were ever turned into actual games. The concept was similar to what New Vegas did for Fallout 3, offering additional adventures in the Elder Scrolls setting between major Bethesda game releases.

Obsidian Entertainment once had intriguing ideas for an alternate Elder Scrolls world where the previous hero failed. However, these ideas were not pursued, possibly due to reasons like limited resources, disagreements on tone, or envy of Fallout: New Vegas’ success. Even a pitch for a non-intrusive spin-off was rejected.

Some people loved Fallout: New Vegas, but most of them agreed with Bethesda’s approach for the Elder Scrolls series. Unlike Fallout, Elder Scrolls is not typically dark or gritty. Obsidian might not be the right fit for the franchise because they have a specific way of making games.

With Microsoft now owning Bethesda, there’s a possibility of another studio taking on the franchise. However, it’s unlikely to happen while Todd Howard, who ensures the series stays true to its vision, is still involved. Bethesda probably has safeguards in place to approve any spin-offs.

Final Words

Bethesda turned down the idea of the Elder Scrolls Spin-Off, which might seem odd. However, it’s important to know that Fallout: New Vegas didn’t instantly become popular; it had mixed reviews initially. Chris Avellone, a key figure in the Fallout series, suggests that the game’s early reception might be why Bethesda rejected similar pitches.

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