Over 1.3 Million Files of Insomniac Games Leaked by Ransomware Hacker Group


A recent ransomware attack on Insomniac Games has resulted in leakage of over 1.3 Million internal files related to upcoming games and personal employee details.

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Over 1.3 Million Files of Insomniac Games Leaked by Ransomware Hacker Group

Insomniac Games recently experienced a big cyberattack, and a group called Rhysida ransomware has said they are behind it. A report from Cyber Daily reveals that the ransomware gang put 1.67 terabytes of Insomniac Games’ internal data on their secret website after the deadline for a ransom passed. This data breach involves more than 1.3 million files, including many connected to the eagerly awaited Wolverine video game.

The hackers who breached the Insomniac demanded $2 million in the form of a digital currency (BTC) within a week, and have followed through on their threat. They released confidential information because Sony, the company that owns Insomniac, apparently did not agree to pay them.

Hackers leaked information about Wolverine’s video game development in three parts. These files show different things about the game, like how the levels are designed, materials for characters, and graphics. The leak also includes files from Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 project and private HR documents, such as forms for hiring and firing employees. There are also messages from inside the company, like screenshots from Slack chats and things from employees’ computers.

When Sony first heard about the data breach, they said they were looking into it and assured everyone that only the specific part of Sony involved was affected. They and Insomniac haven’t said anything about the recent release of the leaked information.

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The Cyber Daily reported a statement from someone representing Rhysida, claiming “Yes, we knew who we were attacking. We knew that developers making games like this would be an easy target. We were able to get the domain administrator within 20–25 minutes of hacking the network. Sony has launched an investigation, but it would be better in the backyard.” The Rhysida spokesperson mentioned that the sole motive for the attack was money.

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