PlayStation Portal: Exciting features, release date, price, and more about Project Q revealed


PlayStation Portal, originally known as Project Q, is the official name of Sony’s latest PlayStation handheld device, and we also have details on its price, release date, and features.

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PlayStation Portal’s features, release date, price, and more have been revealed

Sony’s latest handheld device for gaming, previously known as Project Q, has now been officially named “PlayStation Portal”. This exciting addition is anticipated to hit the market later this year, carrying a price tag of $199.99. However, the announcement of the PlayStation Portal was met with a certain degree of skepticism, considering it’s the first PlayStation handheld device in more than ten years.

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PlayStation Portal aka Project Q

Although the PlayStation Vita didn’t exactly soar in terms of sales, the PSP enjoyed immense popularity during its time. This history has stirred a longing among some fans to witness Sony’s reentry into the handheld gaming realm. While the PlayStation Portal does technically fit into the handheld gaming category, it’s not a standalone system in the traditional sense.

Its primary function is remote gameplay for PlayStation 5 titles, reminiscent of the concept behind Nintendo’s Wii U Gamepad.

The limited scope of functionality in the PlayStation Portal might prompt many gamers to dismiss it initially. However, there could be a niche audience desiring the ability to stream PS5 games to a handheld device.

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PlayStation Portal Features

Our first glimpse of the PlayStation Portal was presented alongside the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds in May. The roster now includes an over-the-ear wireless headset, the Pulse Elite, set for release later this year.

The new PlayStation Portal packs in all the advanced features present in the PS5 DualSense controller, coupled with an 8-inch LCD screen boasting a 1080p resolution and the potential for up to 60fps. Upon linking the PlayStation Portal to a PS5 via Wi-Fi, players can stream most of the console’s games to the device. It’s important to note that this excludes PlayStation VR2 titles or games being streamed through PS Plus Premium.

  • High-Definition Visuals: This device showcases a substantial 8-inch LCD screen that runs games at 1080p with a refresh rate of 60Hz, facilitating up to 60fps gameplay. The screen’s generous size ensured that in-game UI elements and menu text were comfortably legible even from a moderate distance.
  • Innovative Touchscreen Touchpad: Although this new PlayStation handheld takes up the spot traditionally occupied by the DualSense controller’s touchpad, it preserves similar functionality through touch-responsive sections on the screen. Extending your thumbs toward the lower corners of the display summons two translucent rectangles onscreen, simulating a virtual touchpad.
  • Button Configuration: Naturally, your fingers will easily locate most of the DualSense controller buttons right where you’d expect them (such as face buttons, shoulder buttons, triggers, Options, Create button, and more). A few notable adjustments include the relocation of the PS button to the device’s left side and the inclusion of a mute microphone button on the right.
  • 3.5mm Audio Output/Input: The new PlayStation handheld is equipped with a 3.5mm jack, so you can easily plug your headphones.
  • Impressive Performance: The precision demanded by platforming sequences is precise and agile. Tapping the PlayStation button and navigating to the PS5’s home menu provided the exact seamless experience we’ve all grown accustomed to and adore, all of which was portrayed crisply on the 8-inch display.
  • Enhanced Functionalities: The new PlayStation handheld takes things a step further with additional functions, which introduce a few more buttons. Volume control buttons are positioned in the upper right corner, while the power button is situated on the top left. The PlayStation Link button, used to establish a connection between the device and a Pulse Elite or Pulse Explore, finds its home on the left.
  • Remote Gaming Experience: The PlayStation Portal emerges as an innovative solution for avid gamers seeking fresh ways to enjoy their PS5 library. Imagine a DualSense wireless controller bisected by a high-definition LCD screen seamlessly integrated into the center, and you’re getting close.
  • DualSense Controller Experience: The new PlayStation handheld is committed to faithfully reproducing the genuine DualSense controller experience. Everything, from the tactile sensation of the sticks to the resistance of the triggers, feels as familiar as home.

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PlayStation Portal Release Date and Price

As of now, a concrete release date for the PlayStation Portal remains undisclosed. However, given the expectations, it’s likely to launch sometime later this year. The only lingering question pertains to whether this would be the sole addition to the PlayStation lineup in 2023.

The PlayStation Portal is priced at:

  • 199.99 USD
  • 219.99 EURO
  • 199.99 GBP
  • 29,980 YEN

For some, the new features of PlayStation Portal might very well justify the $199.99 price tag.

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PlayStation Portal aka Project Q will be released later this year

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Fans Reaction to PlayStation Portal

The sleek aesthetics of the PlayStation Portal give it the appearance of a PS5 controller with a central screen. Yet, limitations inherent in this handheld device limit its potential. To utilize the PlayStation Portal, your PS5 must be on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, allowing game streaming to the device. As a result, on-the-go play is restricted, rendering the PlayStation Portal most useful in scenarios where your TV isn’t accessible.

This situates the PlayStation Portal in a rather specific market segment, and with its price tag of $199.99, it certainly isn’t budget-friendly. Furthermore, the device doesn’t support game streaming through PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud service, thereby narrowing down the range of playable titles.

Had Sony introduced a PlayStation handheld device that facilitated playing PS5 games while traveling or away from home, the story might have been different. Unfortunately, the PlayStation Portal feels somewhat redundant, despite its snazzy appearance.

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