Prediction of Apple stock prices and value for 2022-40


Apple stock prices prediction for the next decade till 2040 has been shared below, and we do see a great rise in Apple’s market value.

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Let us blow your mind with Apple facts. The projected revenue of Apple in 2021 was $365.8 billion, making it the second-most valuable corporation in the world. Apple is also the fourth-largest producer of personal computers taking into account unit sales, and the second-largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

Mind blown, hopefully.

Well, with all these stats behind it, you’d figure Apple would be among the top stock shares and most of the shareholders in the world would have at least some stake in this company. And you’d be right. This post will be predicting the Apple stock price for the next 20 odd years.

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Apple stock price predictions

Apple stock prices in 2022

If you have already been holding stocks this year, consider yourself blessed. The analysts say that Apple stocks have the potential of soaring up to $209.75. And the lowest they can go is $181.50. For 2022, the average stock price would be about $194.25. Keep your eyes peeled on this one.

Prices in 2023

All the clues point to a rise in the highest price Apple stocks can hit in 2023 compared to 2022. The highest price would be $264.75 and the lowest is calculated to be $247.50. The stocks are predicted to average out at a crisp $247.50. Go Apple!

Prices in 2024

You can’t stop Apple it seems. It is predicted that in 2024, the highest price of Apple stocks would be $333.25. The lowest this price tag can go is $291.00. The stock price is supposed to stabilize at $311.50. If you have already invested in Apple, you are a lucky person.

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Apple stock prices in 2025

This is where we start to get into guesswork and speculation more than a deduction from solid facts. This is always the case when you get farther away from the current time. The prediction is that the range of price that the stocks of Apple would assume is between $372.50 and $426.50. The average price would be $398.50. If you are thinking of investing in stocks with this year in mind, we suggest you go a bit deeper and do your own research.

Prices in 2026

The lower and higher price points of the stocks of Apple in 2025 are $465.50 and $533.00 respectively. The medium lies somewhere around $498.25. The predictions say that 2026 would be a great year for liquefying your money.

Prices in 2027

2027 is five years from now. We predict that Apple stock prices will record an all-time high of $666.25, passing the average $622.50 mark. Mid-2027 will see them hitting the $581.75 mark per share. This year should justify your buying of stocks in the present year.

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Apple stock prices in 2028

The first half of 2028 will see Apple stocks reach a minimum of $739.00. If our predictions turn out to be right, that is, if the market behaves, the highest price in this year would be $846.50. The average would be somewhere around $791.50. Some fluctuation in the prices could happen.

Prices in 2029

Apple stock prices cross the threshold of one grand in 2029, so say our predictions. The highest price of an Apple stock would be $1,057 and the lowest price would be $923.50. The average lies somewhere around $988.50. However, we advise against investing in Apple stocks based solely on this information because of the high risk factor. Maybe even consult a financial advisor.

Prices in 2030

The end of the present decade marks Apple’s stocks’ highest price ever. A record high of $1,345 will be reached and the lowest the price would go is $1,175. Around the middle of the year, the price would be somewhere around $1,255.

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Apple stock prices in 2040

According to the trend of the previous decade, we have the following data on our hands. By mid-2040, the price of Apple stocks would be $7570 and the highest the price would go that year will be a staggering $8650. But this is based on a trend, that’s all. The market, the people, could turn anytime.

And that’s all the soothsaying we will be doing for now. The trend is obvious and it is one of a steep rise. It is true that the previous years’ data tells us that Apple is a reliable company in the stock market. However, you should never trust just a single set of data to provide you with every point of view on the market, especially the stock market and Apple stock value too.

You must always, always look at different sources and come to a conclusion you can trust. That way, there is less chance of failure and more of success.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.


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