Prediction of Rivian stock price: market value for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050, and more


Rivian stock prices prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and more have been shared below, and it wouldn’t be working to say that Rivian’s market value will see more growth in the future.

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Rivian is a famous automaker company in the West. In the East, however, its influence is not that well-known.

It’s an American electric vehicle manufacturing company and is a relatively new one, launched in 2009. The founder and current CEO is Robert ‘RJ’ Scaringe. Headquartered in Irvine, California, United States, the vision and mission of Rivian is to build an electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) and a pickup truck on a ‘skateboard’ platform.

A skateboard chassis is a sort of one size fits all platform. It has all the needed driving and electronic components integrated into it and hence can be attached to an array of bodies after scaling it accordingly.

Rivian has also manufactured E-Vans for Amazon, the largest E-commerce company on the planet. In 2021, it raised over USD 13.5 billion and so launched its IPO in November of that year. Many believe that this company is the competitor of Musk-led TESLA. And hence the high interest with which investors stalk the shares of this company.

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This post will look at the Rivian stock price prediction (NASDAQ: RIVN) for the years 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction

The list below talks about the various valuation measures for Rivian and their value/price.

  • Market Cap: 29.25 B
  • Enterprise Value: 3.93 B
  • 52 Week High: 179.47 USD
  • 52 Week Low: 19.25 USD
  • S&P500 52-Week Change: -4.31%
  • Price/Sales (TTM): 84.53
  • Price/Book (MRQ): 1.05
  • Enterprise Value/Revenue: 71.37
  • Enterprise Value/EBITDA: -0.88
  • 50/200 Day Moving Average: $29.92 / $57.98

You can check out the live data of RIvian on Yahoo Finance here.

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Rivian stock price prediction for 2022

There are not a lot of months left in 2022. However, the analysis of the market tells us that the range of price the RIVN stocks would assume in 2022 would be between $45 and $70. Considering that this is only the second year since Rivian’s IPO launched, this is great going.

Rivian stock price prediction for 2023

Next year, Rivian stock price will vary between the limits of $123 and $157.  We can see that these guys aren’t joking around.

Rivian stock price prediction for 2025

Electric vehicles are becoming more of a fad day by day. That means more production is required and that means success for Rivian. Last year, Rivian made a deal with Amazon to provide 100,00 electric vehicles. Our price prediction for 2025 shows that the first target would be $185.35 and the second target would be $230.45. The range of stock prices would be $188.34 to $246.45.

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Rivian stock price prediction for 2030

At the end of the decade, the forecast for RIVN stocks is $745.34 as the first target and $845.45 as the second target. The overall range of the stock price in 2030 is between $745.34 and $845.45. Rivian has potential. What they are doing, not a lot of people are. The fact is that these guys have picked a super narrow niche. That is the determining factor.

Rivian stock price prediction for 2040

Jumping ahead two decades into the future, an analysis of the market tells us that in 2040, the stock price of RIVN stocks would reach around $1,500. Of course, the market is unpredictable, to say the least. However, if even 80% of the economy happens as we have predicted, then the figures we have stated will come true.

Rivian stock price prediction for 2050

Admittedly, we are wading into uncharted territory as we try to predict almost three decades into the future. However, if the software has spoken indeed, then in 2050, we shall see RIVN stock price rise to $2349.

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Is buying RIVN stocks a wise choice?

In a word, yes, you should be buying RIVN choices. Here are the reasons.

To start with, Rivian manufactures a super targeted and ‘niche’-d down product, that is, electric utility vehicles. In almost every case, this is a recipe for success. Now, the market for electric vehicles has just started to boom. And if you invest now, you’d be spearheading a certain revolution in the future.

Look at Tesla. That’s what those guys are doing and see how much success they’ve had. Do you think that those will be the only ones to produce electric vehicles in the future?

Lastly, along with money investment, you also need time investment to get a successful outcome in stock trading. As we have seen, RIVN stocks are sure to rise in value. This may take time, but they’ll get there. Of course, we are not passing around a blanket statement. We need to always take into account the acts of God.

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Now, at the moment, Rivian is facing a supply-chain shortage, meaning they are having problems in the mass production of electric vehicles. Since May 2022, this company has only produced about 5,000 electric vehicles, and by the end of the year, this figure is expected to have risen to 25,000. Ford sold over a million vehicles in 2021. Tesla manufactured over 300,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022. We can clearly see that Rivian is lagging behind its competitors.

All this considered, we can say that Rivian stock is overpriced. However, it is almost certain that Rivian shares will recover in the future.

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