FC Barcelona’s Hydration Sponsor: Prime Hydration, official partner for 2023


KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration is the official sponsor of FC Barcelona for the 2023-24 Season.

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Prime Hydration, the official Hydration Sponsor of FC Barcelona

Since the collaboration of YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul in early 2022, their beverage brand, Prime, has experienced tremendous success. The brand has made significant strides, becoming a sponsor for teams in various sports and securing partnerships with prominent organizations such as the UFC and Arsenal FC.

Now, Prime Hydration has taken another major step by becoming the official hydration sponsor of the renowned Spanish football club, FC Barcelona. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting partnership.

Prime Hydration Partners with FC Barcelona

On July 1, Prime Hydration announced its partnership with FC Barcelona as the official hydration sponsor.

This collaboration marks a significant shift, as the club previously had a sponsorship deal with Gatorade, a leading brand in the hydration industry. KSI and Logan Paul shared the news on Instagram, stating, “Out with the old, in with the new. Goodbye Gatorade, Prime is now the new hydration sponsor of FC Barcelona.”

According to FC Barcelona’s official statement, the partnership will involve Prime products being prominently displayed during games in the bench area and in training sessions for all the club’s football teams, including the men’s, women’s, and youth teams. Prime will also have a visible presence in the dressing rooms and the Palau Blaugrana, the club’s basketball arena.

In response to the Prime Hydration and FC Barcelona collaboration, KSI and Logan expressed their excitement, stating, “We could not be more proud and excited to serve as the newest Official Hydration Partner with one of the most iconic teams in any sport, FC Barcelona. Whether it’s a mid-game refuel or post-training recovery, we can’t wait for the FC Barcelona family to level up with Prime.”

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Interesting Detail in Prime x FC Barcelona Collab Post

Fans have noticed a crucial feature in the photo that KSI and Logan Paul tweeted of themselves wearing Barcelona jerseys.

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Official image posted to announce Barca and Prime’s partnership

In the official photos posted online on Barca’s platforms, the two internet personalities were shown clutching a red and blue Prime bottom while donning Barcelona’s new home uniform for the 2023–24 season. Both shared content to promote the announcement on their social media platforms, but oddly, the Spotify logo appeared to have been photo-shopped away.

One supporter noticed the detail and commented on it on Twitter, saying “No way KSI and Logan photoshopped out the Spotify sponsor on the Barcelona shirt.”

Although it doesn’t seem like KSI has an agreement with any music streaming services, it’s possible that the pair simply don’t want to provide any marketing for free.

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Prime Hydration’s Growing Influence on Sports Sponsorship

The partnership of Prime Hydration with FC Barcelona is yet another testament to Prime’s expanding influence in the world of sports sponsorship. The brand has been making significant strides in a relatively short period, aligning itself with high-profile organizations and events.

Earlier this year, Prime made history as the first YouTuber brand to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial. This milestone achievement showcased Prime’s growing prominence and its ability to penetrate mainstream advertising platforms. The brand has also made appearances in WWE events alongside Logan Paul, further cementing its presence in the sports and entertainment industry.

In addition to the partnership with FC Barcelona, Prime has established itself as the official sports drink of the UFC, further solidifying its position as a key player in the world of combat sports. Furthermore, Prime has secured a sponsorship deal with Arsenal, a beloved football club, further expanding its reach within the sport.

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The Impact of the FC Barcelona Partnership

The partnership between Prime and FC Barcelona signifies a strategic move for both parties. For Prime, aligning with FC Barcelona, one of the most iconic and successful football clubs globally, provides an opportunity to showcase its brand to a massive and passionate fanbase. FC Barcelona’s immense popularity and global reach make it an ideal platform for Prime to increase brand visibility and reach new audiences.

On the other hand, FC Barcelona benefits from its association with a dynamic and innovative brand like Prime Hydration. The partnership not only brings in financial support but also adds a fresh and contemporary element to the club’s sponsorship portfolio. By collaborating with Prime, FC Barcelona taps into the popularity of KSI and Logan Paul, who has a massive following across social media platforms and among younger demographics.

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The Future of Prime in Sports Sponsorship

Prime’s success in securing partnerships with prestigious organizations and teams demonstrates its growing influence and ambition in the sports sponsorship landscape. The brand’s ability to transcend its origins as a YouTube venture and establish itself as a serious player in the industry is commendable.

As Prime continues to expand its portfolio of sponsorships, it will likely pursue new opportunities to collaborate with prominent sports teams, events, and athletes. The brand’s unique positioning, fueled by the charisma and reach of KSI and Logan Paul, sets it apart from traditional sports drink companies.

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