Quordle 385 Answer: Today’s Quordle Answer and hints (February 13)


Quordle 385 Answer for February 13 has been revealed here for the fans and players of one of the most popular word puzzle games.

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Quordle 385 Answer: Today’s Quordle Answer and hints (February 13)

Online, there are many Wordle clones and imitations as Wordle became so well-known. 

A number of games that are comparable to it have emerged, such Fortle and Heardle, to provide you with a variety of experiences. However, one such game, called Quordle, expanded on the Wordle concept, stands out the most among the others.

Four words are concealed at once in Quordle. Although it could appear unusual and difficult, it is actually incredibly exhilarating. The quad-field version is exactly what you need if you’re sick of playing the traditional version (Wordle, Nerdle, and Dordle) or if you find it to be too simple.

In this word-guessing game with Wordle influence, you’ll need to identify four five-letter words in just nine trials each day. And even though we get nine chances to predict the everyday answer correctly, most of us only get it right on the sixth try.

We have a guide that will give the February 13 Quordle 385 answer to those who are down to their last chance.

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What are the tips for Quordle 385 Answer for February 13

Since the February 13 Quordle 385 words are composed largely of common and rare letters, most users should have little issue solving the daily puzzle.

We want to give a few hints to gamers who still want to solve the Quordle problem independently but require a little guidance in the right direction before we reveal the complete solution. The following indicators can be used to choose today’s Quordle 385 answer:

Word 1 of Quordle 385 hints:

  • There are two vowels in the word, and one letter is repeated.
  • The first letter of the word is W.
  • The word’s literal meaning is to sue for the affection of and usually marriage with.

Word 2 of Quordle 385 hints:

  • There are two vowels in the word, and one letter is repeated.
  • The first letter of the word is S.
  • The word’s literal meaning is a condition or stage in the physical being of something.

Word 3 of Quordle 385 hints: 

  • There are two vowels in the word, and no letter is repeated.
  • The first letter of the word is F.
  • The word’s literal meaning is of, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast.

Word 4 of Quordle 385 hints: 

  • There is one vowel in the word, and no letter is repeated.
  • The first letter of the word is S.
  • The word’s literal meaning is to remove clothing, covering, or surface matter from.

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What are the words for Quordle 385 Answer for February 13

Here is the Quordle solution for today in case you’re still in doubt:


Yesterday’s Quordle answer 384


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How to play Quordle Game?

Using the digital or standard keyboard, type any genuine word that contains an equal number of letters. You must remember to click the Enter button after typing the word.

After this, the color of every letter in each of the four fields should get changed. 

If the letter turns green, it is in its proper place—you were right. The letter must be in a different location if it turns yellow. The letter is not present in the word if it is greyed out.

Continue to insert words. You have nine chances to collect as many hints as you can. To make it simpler for you to play, the keyboard’s letters also have a quarter-color change.

The same method is to be followed to solve February 13 Quordle 385 answer as well.

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How to solve Quordle Answers?

Quordle is arguably the most difficult Wordle variant currently available to puzzle enthusiasts. Players have a total of 9 attempts to guess the four accurate words in this game’s version. The huge puzzle board adds layers to the original puzzle that make it look easy in comparison.

In this Wordle-like Quordle game, there are no tips to assist you in guessing the words, but the color of the tiles will alter as soon as you identify a term properly. If you accurately identify the letters and determine if they are in the right order, you can tell by the colors.

The game Quordle’s rules are comparable to those of Wordle’s. Enter words, receive color clues, and try to figure out what word was hidden. Unlike the traditional game, Quordle includes four playing fields, and each one features a hidden word. In the extended edition, each playing field has nine lines available at once rather than the standard six.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should since it’s four times as entertaining as the first popular word game. But given that you only get nine guesses to discover the quartet of words, it’s probably more challenging than four times as hard. 

The daily Quordle answers are reset, just like Wordle, so if you skip a game you really had no way to determine what they were.

This was today’s, that is February 13 Quordle 385 answer. We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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