Rainbow Six Siege Sens – loadout, gameplay tips, and best counters for R6 Y7S2 operator


Rainbow Six Siege Sens is the most recent Belgian operator released in the game along with Operation Vector Glare.

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Several facts of the Rainbow Six Y7S2 operation and operator (Sens) have been released in the past, and Operation Vector Glare was even shown to gamers through Livestream on May 22nd, however, its release was delayed.

The Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 2 was meant to be released on June 7th, but Ubisoft had to make the difficult decision to push it back until June 14th. According to Ubisoft, the release of Rainbow Six Siege: Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare was delayed due to technical issues.

Now finally, Rainbow Six Siege, the famous online shooting game based on Tom Clancy’s books, has got a support character for its fans, named Sens. This Belgian operator increases the R.O.U Projector System. By doing this, he is able to shoot far-off enemies plus also keep the team protected from enemy fire to an extent.

This is the ultimate Rainbow Six Siege Sens guide. This is what you will need to be able to harness all of R6 Sens’ potential. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

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Rainbow Six Siege Sens loadout

For Rainbow Six Siege Sens loadout, we have particularly chosen an assault rifle and a marksman rifle for the primary weapons. So no shotguns if you really want to push the limits of the game.

For the assault rifle, there’s the new POF-9 fitted with a large 51-round magazine.

It’s medium in damage and the fire rate is a bit lower than other weapons. But it has a really wildfire pattern. Now, if you are someone used to a semi-auto, then you will find the 417 Marksman Rifle to be more to your liking. It has a 3.0x scope and you can get a hang of its recoil in the Shooting Range.

Now, for the secondary weapons for R6 Sens, there is the SDP 9mm or the GONNE-6 that will destroy utility.

The second weapon is particularly great for getting rid of defenses. The Hard Breach Charges and Claymores are great options. Just keep their function in mind. Claymores are for flankwatch, with the charges giving you extra breaching power.

Now we come to the most exciting part of Rainbow Six Siege Sens loadout – it’s the R.O.U Projector System.

A small disc is rolled forward with the R.O.U Projector System, creating a smoke screen and letting you move ahead or sneak up on enemies stealthily. But it’s important to remember that it’s not a shield and enemies can walk through it and even shoot at you.

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A summary of what we have been discussing is provided below.

R6 Sens – Primary weapons

  • POF-9
  • 419 Marksman Rifle

R6 Sens – Secondary weapons

  • SDP 9mm
  • GONNE-6

R6 Sens – Secondary gadgets

  • Hard Breach Charge
  • Claymores

Rainbow Six Siege Sens’ tips and tricks

Protecting plants with R6 Sens gadget

A specialty of the R6 Sens gadget is to give a shield to planters from enemy fire. Using the smoke screen, you can rush a plant undercover. The projector masks the location somewhat, though it doesn’t make it bulletproof.

A great way to ensure that planting on what is naturally wide-open bomb sites child’s play is to partner the gadget will extra utility, something like a shield operator, like Osa, for example. If your opponents decide to be bold and be on your tail still, you have the advantage of sight before they do as you’ll be able to see their barrel through the screen first.

A slightly sneakier way of negotiating the same situation would be to lay down Claymores with the projector smoke. This way, no one would be able to make it through in one piece.

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Confusing your opponents by splitting open areas

This is a method that is disregarded by all but the wisest players. You use Rainbow Six Sens’ gadget to split wide-open areas in half and pass through them fast. It doesn’t go that high, to be honest, but on a map like Bank, it is quite handy. You can cover the distance between your enemies and yourself quickly and engage in some close-quarters combat.

Just keep in mind that the R.O.U Projector System only gives you smoke in a vertical direction. So if there is an open ceiling or transparent floor, then beware, your enemies might be lurking beyond the shadows ready to make the kill shot.

Rainbow Six Siege Sens Counters

There are essentially two Rainbow Six Siege Sens counters to learn if you don’t want all the advantages we just discussed to work against you.

The first one is Wamai. R6 Sens’ own discs will stop the R.O.U. Projector System from deploying halfway. This will cut the rollout short and should leave the attackers exposed. The second is simpler. Warden is able to see through his own smoke and spot the gadget and fire through.

But be extra careful not to let anyone make a shot just when Rainbow Six Siege Sens is deploying the smoke screen. Once they do deploy it, however, then only your skills will save you.

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Well, that is all that we have for our Rainbow Six Siege Sens guide. hope you can make the best out of it while using your own gameplay skills.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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