Guide to Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Raid – how to defeat the demons, najjar, kyzra, more


Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Raid is available in Tier 2, and players will certainly need some help while completing it.

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Lost Ark, the top-down 2.5D fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, has been steadily gaining popularity among the community ever since its release back in 2019.

The first Tier 2 batch of Abyssal Dungeons is the Ark of Arrogance for those who are not that familiar with this game. In the first Dungeon, which is the Lost Ark Road of Lament, players with Item Level 840+ will be fighting Demon Najjar and Kyzra, along with her Wipe mechanic.

And so understanding that this is a handful for even somewhat experienced players, we’ve put together a guide for you to help you through this Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Raid. Let’s dive right into it.

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Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Guide – Overview

This section is for those who’ve made it to Tier 2 and are looking for a quick refresher on the important mechanics for completing Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon raid.

The Road of Lament has 4 sections: a mob-clearing one, Najjar, another mob-clearing, and lastly Kyzra.

  • Najjar has simple Spinning Lasers. If it begins and you spot the safe zone in the middle, it’s the Inner Variant pattern. If the only danger zone is a circle around Najjar, then it’s the Outer Variant pattern. Right now, don’t think about DPS. Just worry about survival.
  • Set the cardinal directions before you go fight Kyzra. The standard system is to assign the directions like this: 1234 = North, South, East, and West.
  • If you see Kyzra getting to the middle of the arena, then you need to move in the assigned direction. Get 3 Gold Orbs and keep away from Red Orbs. Use the Gold Aura to annihilate the Big Red Orbs that Kyzra sends at you.
  • It’s a team wipe if two or more Orbs get to Kyrza. And for every Red Orb you pick up, you need to pick up a Gold Orb. So be extra careful.
  • Get the Protective Potions Consumable for Najjar’s lasers. Also, try Time Stop Potions and even Swift Robes too.

Defeat the Demons on The Lost Ark Road of Lament

The section that you come up against is a mob-clearing one. This one doesn’t compare though to the drama of the Hall of the Twisted Warlord or Hildebrandt’s Palace and is a bit long, to be honest.

There are a lot of creatures to kill, and it has two parts. But there is no need to worry about this section in Lost Ark Road of Lament. It’ll be a breeze.

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Lost Ark Road of Lament – Bewitched Najjar

The second and fourth sections of Lost Ark Road of Lament are a bit connected by the storyline in a very small way. The Demon Najjar is actually enchanted by Kyzra’s sword, the one you’ll encounter in the fourth section.

You’ll find that Najjar is frustrating to fight and has a good measure of knock-up blows and movement abilities. But still, he’s not got a lot of beef on him and so you could easily strip him down to the Spinning Laser mechanic in a minute or so.

Lost Ark Road of Lament Bewitched Najjar Mechanic: Spinning Lasers

When there are about 8 and 4 HP Bars remaining for Najjar, he will run to the center of the arena and begin the Spinning Lasers mechanic. This isn’t a Wipe mechanic, but If a team doesn’t react correctly, then it can definitely “wipe” them out.

As mentioned, if Najjar makes a small red telegraph circle around him, then it’s an Outer Variant. If the telegraph covers the arena and the safe zone is a small circle around him, then it’s the Inner Variant.

You can find the mechanic description and strategy for both the Variants for Lost Ark Road of Lament Bewitched Najjar below.

  • Outer-Variant Spinning Lasers: The Demon converts a small circle around him into a blood fog, and you can’t get close to him now. After that, he marks every player with a crosshair just above them and then soon after drops a Magnetic Field on them. Then he starts to spin and shoot blood lasers out of his hands.

The strategy would be to run to individual corners of the arena and wait until the crosshairs appear above the players’ heads. Let the Magnetic Field drop and then run back as close to the Blood Fog as possible before following the lasers. This Variant has faster Lasers. Drop a Time Stop or Protective Potion if it catches up to you.

  • Inner-Variant Spinning Lasers: Najjar will turn the whole area into a blood fog. The only safe zone is a small circle around him. Then, he starts to shoot beams of blood before slowing down. During spinning, he could stop mid-spin and then start spinning in the opposite direction.

Keep near Najjar and follow the hand in the spins. Just be careful that he doesn’t stop suddenly and spins in the opposite direction. Turn off any friendly articles effects you might have on because that’ll make it hard to dodge the lasers.

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Lost Ark Road of Lament Bewitched Najjar Regular Attacks

Spinning Lasers are not all that Najjar knows. Here are his less dangerous attacks.

  • Spinning Blade: Najjar jumps up, sends a blade rift with the sword, and slams it down. Two more rifts follow linearly soon after.
  • Orbs of Blood: Najjar lets loose a series of Blood Orbs at any one player and a red telegraph fills up before a Blood wave is sent out that knocks up anyone hit.
  • Spin Dash: Najjar selects a player and spins toward them, leaving several Blood Orbs linearly. They soon send out Blood Waves in the opposite direction after a short while.
  • Blood Fog: Clouds of Blood Fog are called randomly around the arena by Najjar. These deal low damage to anyone standing inside and last a considerable while.
  • Magnetic Fields: Najjar calls 5 Magnetic Fields in a star formation. They confuse and push away anyone in contact with them.
  • Shotgun Spread Blood Wave: Najjar drops a conical telegraph that fills. Once done, he sends out 4 Blood Energy waves which cover the whole cone telegraph.
  • Orb That Spawns More Orbs: A Blood Orb Najjar called goes in a direction while generating smaller Blood Orbs which also go in random directions.

Defeating Demons in The Lost Ark Road of Lament Forge

This is another mob-clearing section in Lost Ark Road of Lament and it is actually shorter than the first one, gratefully. You can’t, however, do away with all of the demons in one move as there is a “waking up” animation for many enemies.

Beat these demons and continue on to encounter the great Kyzra.

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Lost Ark Road of Lament – Kyzra

And here we arrive at the last section of the Lost Ark Road of Lament, the encounter with the Demon Commander Kyzra. She is a comparatively mobile Boss. She has a Teleport and Self-Buffing mechanic and a Stagger Check as well.

But what you really need to know is her Wipe mechanic, Orb Absorption.

Lost Ark Road of Lament Kyzra Mechanic: Orb Absorption

You should be apt at collection Orbs because it seems to be one of the most used mechanics in the content at the end. This will occur usually when she’s less than half of her health. Kyzra jumps to the middle of the arena and makes a shockwave that’ll strike you with a crazy amount of damage if you get too close. Then she’ll release a storm of bullets of red and gold in all directions.

You have to collect 3 Gold orbs while avoiding the Red Orbs if you want to have any chance of clearing the next part.

After some time, Kyzra summons Big Red Orbs all over the arena that go toward the shockwave. You’ll have to destroy these Orbs using the Golden Aura that forms around the collected Gold Orbs, before they reach Kyzra. Keep the Big Red Orbs inside the Golden Aura to deal a lot of damage to them. If just 2 of these make it to Kyzra, she wipes the entire team.

Here are the rough steps you’ll need to take:

  • Assigned the cardinal directions to the entire party before you enter the arena.
  • The players should move to their assigned area once the Orb Absorption begins.
  • Each player collects 3 Gold Orbs and then does away with the Big Red Orbs.
  • If any player misses the mark, the two players on either side try to make up for the loss.

Keep in mind that you don’t enter another player’s Golden Aura as you’ll be knocked back.

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Lost Ark Road of Lament Kyzra Mechanic: Standard Stagger Check

This mechanic is used intermittently and does not allow a team Wipe. If this fails, Kyzra starts an arena-wide Shockwave that deals huge damage. Kyzra delivers many cone-shaped Shockwaves when her Stagger Bar is working. But these can be dodged easily.

Lost Ark Road of Lament Kyzra Mechanic: Teleport Stab & Self-Buff

Kyzra can teleport anywhere after a move. After she teleports, she invokes a number of circular telegraphs that invoke lightning when filled. One circle, larger than the others, has Kyzra come down and stab the player she lands on. And if she succeeds then she’ll get a general damage buff too.

Lost Ark Road of Lament Kyzra Regular Attacks

  • Fireball Summon: Kyzra invokes 5 fireballs. These deal damage to player in their path as they move toward her. If you are too close to her, then many fireballs could pass through you.
  • Boomerang Throw: Kyzra throws her sword in a boomerang arc that swings in a semi-circular path and deals moderate damage and stagger.
  • Spin & Slam Attack: Kyzra does a spin strike and then a slam strike that invokes spikes in a circle around the edge of where her first strike was. If you get hit by the first attack, then you most probably will also get hit by the second stack.
  • Sword Laster: Kyzra points her sword in a direction and fires a laser along that path. It deals considerable damage and knock-up.

Consumables and Engravings that we recommend for Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Raid

  • HP Potions
  • Time Stop Potions, Protective Potions and Swift Robes Potions work for Najjar
  • Swift Robes also help against Kyzra’s Wipe mechanic.
  • Use engravings like Grudge or Spirit Absorption to up the Cooldowns and Movement speeds. Also, get a well-faceted Ability Stone.

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And that’s all you’ll need to ace this Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon Raid.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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