Remnant 2 Handler Guide: best perks, traits, and skills of new Handler archetype


Get ready for an exciting journey as we detail the guide on the Remnant 2 Handler archetype and offer insightful advice to help you survive the dangerous environments of this engrossing game.

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The Remnant 2 Handler is a support-focused archetype.

While Remnant 2 is still more than a week away from its release, it is good to gather some information about the workings of the game so that you can show off in front of your friends later. In this article, we will be looking at the Remnant 2 Handler archetype and the dog Companion.

The Handler is a support-focused archetype in Remnant 2. If you get a hang of the required coordination, then you can tackle many of the challenges of the overworld with ease. Even if you journey solo, you have to learn to use the starting gear, archetype Item, prime perk, etc. to get the most benefit.

Remnant 2 Handler archetype Guide

There are pros and cons to the Remnant 2 Handler archetype.

As behavioral abilities preside over conventional abilities, in this case, the Handle isn’t too good at archetype conservation. But a fully-trained Companion can make up for any shortcomings. For example, it can revive the Handle or KIA teammates with its relic. You just have to play the Handler to its strengths.

Remnant 2 Handler Prime perk


Bonded is the Prime perk of the Handler and needs a level five to become available. More improvements require a level 10. The cooling period is worth 90 seconds.

The Companion, at 50% health, can revive the Handler and/or a dead teammate with a Dragon heart.

Remnant 2 Handler archetype traits

While developers are of the opinion of equipping one trait per archetype, the Handler archetype trait, Kinship, lays down the options of intrinsic capacity, buff, and special bonuses. It also protects against Friendly Fire. Per level, there is an 8% reduction of the damage you inflict as well as receive, in similar circumstances.

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Remnant 2 Handler archetype perks

a) Pack Hunter (Damage Perk)

When the Companion is inside a 25-meter radius, Pack Hunter, with add 30% to Ranged and Skill damage. The Critical Hit rate of Ranged and Skill attacks are boosted by 5%. This is a solid perk, especially at level 10.

b) Teamwork (Utility Perk)

This perk grants a 30% boosted revive speed to both the Handler and the Companion. At revival, the damage is 25%. The Companion dog gets -1 Stagger.

c) Spirit of the Wolf (Team Perk)

In addition to increasing the Handler’s movement speed by 10%, the Spirit of the Wolf also increases those teammates’ movement speeds that are within a 10-meter radius. As an added bonus, a 15% reduction in the stamina cost of all actions has affected all supporters.

d)Best Friend (Relic Perk)

For 15 seconds, Best Friend will provide a 25% boosted damage and 35% boosted damage resistance in addition to restoring the Companion dog’s health.

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Remnant 2 Challenger archetype skills

a) Support Dog

Apart from following the Remnant 2 Handler, the Companion dog gives continuous healing to teammates within a 3.5-meter radius. This is equivalent to 0.25% of their maximum health per second.

Single press: Companion protects a location through active engagement with opponents.

Double tap: Companion returns from wherever it may be to the Handler’s side and stays there.

Hold: Howl applies the regeneration effect. A boost of 2% of max. health per second and a 25% boost in movement speed inside a 20-meter radius for 25 seconds.

b) Attack Dog

The Attack Dogskill offers a 20% increase in damage. The Companion dog will also follow the handler.

Single press: Companion protects a location through active engagement with opponents.

Double tap: Companion returns from wherever it may be to the Handler’s side and stays there.

Hold: Howl provides friendlies within a 20-meter radius with a 20% increase in damage for 20 seconds.

c) Guard Dog

The Companion dog follows with a boost of 15% in threat generation (attracting opponents) and a 20% boost in damage reduction.

Single press: Companion protects a location through active engagement with opponents.

Double tap: Companion returns from wherever it may be to the Handler’s side and stays there.

Hold: Howl applies a 15% damage reduction for friendlies within a 20-meter distance. The threat generation will last for 20 seconds.

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And there you have it! If you are done reading all of this, then you have a comprehensive knowledge of the Remnant 2 archetype and his Companion dog. Feel free to show it off in front of your friends!

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