Sims 4 Money Guide: How to Make Money Fast using Cheats and other methods


Looking to make a quick fortune in The Sims 4? Look no further as we have brought you the comprehensive The Sims 4 Money Guide.

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Sims 4 Money Guide: How to Make Money Fast using Cheats and other methods

The Sims 4 has grown a lot since it came out in 2014. It now has 66 packs, which is a lot. Every pack, from the newest smaller Kits to the big growth packs like Cottage Living, has its ways to earn more Simoleons. There are many ways to add to your virtual bank account, like doing odd jobs in Island Living or using the Copypasto spell in Realm of Magic to sell things you found in the wild.

In this article, we’ll explore various methods to help you amass Simoleons, the game’s currency, in no time. Whether you prefer to use cheat codes or work your way up the career ladder, we’ve got you covered.

With tips and tricks for every type of player, you’ll be rolling in the virtual dough before you know it! Now let’s dwell into the details of the Sims 4 Money Guide and know How to make money fast.

Sims 4 Money Guide: Ways to Quickly Make Money

In The Sims 4, you can make money fast through two main avenues: advancing in your Sim’s career or utilizing Sims 4 Money Cheats.

If you’re up for the challenge, hard work and dedication will be key to achieving financial success through your chosen income source. You can also try unconventional ways to get rich, like collecting, digging, making things, or even accepting your inner villain. The possibilities are endless!

Sims 4 Money Cheats

If you prefer a more relaxed or accelerated gameplay experience, Sims 4 Money Cheats can come to your rescue. To activate cheats, open the console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C (PC) / Command+Shift+C (Mac) / holding all four shoulder buttons (Console). For your convenience, check out these cheat codes:

  • Typing ‘kaching’ or ‘rosebud’ grants $1,000.
  • Use ‘motherlode’ to instantly add $50,000 to your household’s funds.
  • Alternatively, you can type ‘money’ followed by a specific value to set your household’s income to that amount.

If you’re playing on a PC or Mac, mods can further enhance your experience. Content creator Weerbesu offers a range of cheats to download, including one that allows you to add money instantly by right-clicking on your Sim’s household funds.

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Sims 4 Money Guide: Business Start-Up

Starting a business in The Sims 4 can be an immensely gratifying endeavor, allowing you to transform a small enterprise into a lucrative money-making machine. Whether you aspire to sell baked goods, potions, crystals, or even manage a bustling restaurant, there are a few essential steps to keep in mind:

  • Begin by purchasing an empty lot in The Sims 4, typically costing around $3,000 in-game.
  • In the Manage Worlds menu, select your lot and click on “Change Lot Type.” Set it as a Retail lot to establish it as a place of business.
  • Invest funds into your business to cover day-to-day operational expenses.
  • Utilize the Store Window tool to manage staff, set prices, monitor finances, and make necessary purchases. Price profits can range from a modest 5% to an extravagant 100%.
  • Make use of the Retail Items tool to design your business lot and create an inviting shopping environment.
  • Offer a diverse range of products for sale, the more varied the better, and ensure they are marked as “For Sale.”
  • Keep a vigilant eye on your store to restock products as they are sold, maintaining inventory levels and maximizing profitability.

By following these guidelines and staying actively involved in the management of your business, you will be well on your way to entrepreneurial success in The Sims 4.

Sims 4 Money Guide: Ways to Get a Job

To kickstart your Sim’s journey toward financial success, the first step is to secure a job. Follow these simple instructions:

  • Locate the phone icon situated at the bottom left corner of your screen, alongside your Sim’s portrait.
  • Click on the phone icon to access the phone menu.
  • Look for the briefcase icon in the phone menu and click on it.
  • A window will appear, displaying all the available career options. Browse through them and select the one that appeals to you.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, click on the checkmark button located at the bottom right corner of the panel.

That’s all there is to it! Your Sim is now on its way to fulfilling its Simoleon dreams and achieving financial prosperity.

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The Sims 4 Careers List

Here is a comprehensive list of the job types available in The Sims 4. Active jobs enable you to accompany your Sims to work, part-time jobs suit teens and students, and any blank job type represents a regular career where your Sim will leave the lot to work their shift.

Job TitleIncome at max levelJob Type
Interior Decorator§25,000 maximumProfession (Active Career)
Actor§4,825 per gigProfession (Active Career)
Social Media§540 an hour
Management§525 an hour
Tech Guru§516 an hour
Charity Organizer§482 an hour
Salaryperson§482 an hour
Civic Planner§476 an hour
Writer§465 an hour
Style Influencer§455 an hour
Criminal§445 an hour
Critic§441 an hour
Law§425 an hour
Astronaut §422 an hour
Military§422 an hour
Gardener§420 an hour
Culinary§410 an hour
Business§406 an hour
Journalist§404 an hour
Engineer§375 an hour
Politician§342 an hour
Conservationist§340 an hour
Entertainer§340 an hour
Athlete§333 an hour –
Painter§328 an hour
Doctor§280 an hourProfession (Active Career)
Detective§265 an hourProfession (Active Career)
Scientist§247 an hourProfession (Active Career)
Diver§70 an hourSalesperson
Manual Laborer§70 an hourPart-Time
Barista§62 an hourPart Time
Babysitter§48 an hourPart-Time
Fisherman§48 an hourPart Time
Lifeguard§48 an hourPart-Time
Retail Employee§48 an hourPart-Time
Fast Food Employee§20 an hourPart-Time

Sims 4 Money Guide: Grow Money Trees

One of the surefire ways to earn some Simoleons in The Sims 4 is by planting money trees. Follow these steps to reap the rewards:

  • Click the Aspiration panel on the bottom-right of your screen (a hexagonal-shaped button with a gold outline).
  • Select the gift box icon.
  • Once you’ve earned 5,000 points, choose the ‘Money Tree’ and claim the reward.
  • The item will appear in your Sim’s inventory (the small box icon on the bottom-right of your screen).
  • Plant the tree and patiently wait for approximately seven days for it to fully blossom.
  • Once it has bloomed, sell the tree for a whopping sum of up to $22,225.

With these simple steps, you can take advantage of money trees and watch your Sim’s wealth grow. By following our guide and employing a variety of strategies, you’ll be well on your way to amassing a fortune in The Sims 4.

Other Sims 4 Money-Making Methods

Cottage Living expansion has unlocked exciting new avenues for wealth-building. Engage in Errands for Sims, or profit from selling goods like wool and eggs sourced from your livestock animals. 

In addition, the Odd Jobs career option from Island Living lets you tackle various tasks for neighbors, ranging from mundane packing to specialized skills like gaming or handiness. Freelancer careers, such as the Paranormal Investigator, offer alternative money-making routes. Musicians can try their hand at songwriting and licensing, while gamers can participate in tournaments for valuable prizes. 

Discover what your Sims love doing, thanks to the new Likes and Dislikes feature, and watch their fortunes grow.

Well, this is all that we have on our Sims 4 Money Guide. Now You must be aware of How to make money fast in The Sims 4. Whether you prefer advancing in your Sim’s career, using cheats for an accelerated gameplay experience, starting a business, or exploring unconventional methods, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, the introduction of new expansion packs like Cottage Living and Island Living provides exciting opportunities to boost your Simoleons.

So, dive into the game, explore different avenues, and watch your virtual bank account flourish as you master the art of wealth-building in The Sims 4.

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