Honkai Star Rail Black Swan: skills, traces, release date, and 1.4 leaks


Prepare to be amazed by Honkai Star Rail Black Swan, the might of the mysterious character as leaks have revealed the character’s abilities, traces, and much-anticipated release date.

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Black Swan will be a 5-star wind character in Honkai Star Rail, according to leaks

Honkai Star Rail, developed by miHoYo, has recently unveiled an upcoming character named Black Swan. With her debut in the Myriad Celestia trailer, fans of the game have been eagerly awaiting her arrival.

Although Black Swan is a fresh face in Honkai Star Rail, players may find her oddly familiar. In May, a trailer for Myriad Celestia featured a female character discussing the Aeons, yet her name remained a mystery. Fans quickly identified her as Black Swan, a moniker derived from the game’s lore. Over a month later, we finally have confirmation of her name and an insight into her abilities.

In this article, we will delve into everything there is to know about Black Swan, including her release date, abilities, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan is a five-star character, representing the Wind element and belonging to The Nihility path. Wind characters are a rarity in Star Rail, and Black Swan will be the fifth addition to this group.

Also, a leaked detail from the game’s lore revealed that Black Swan is a Memokeeper from the Garden of Recollection. Dedicated to preserving and sharing memories, and enlightened by their master Fuli, they shed their mortal flesh and live on in spirit. They can traverse between worlds.

Nihility characters are renowned for their debuffing capabilities, as their skills directly impact enemies. And according to leaked information, Black Swan possesses the ability to reduce enemy defense and deal passive damage.

Based on these details, players have drawn comparisons between Black Swan and Silver Wolf, both of whom possess potent debuff abilities.

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Honkai Star Rail Black Swan Abilities

While miHoYo has remained tight-lipped about her release, reputable leaker Mero has revealed potential details about her kit on Twitter. The leaked information, posted on June 16, provides insight into how Black Swan and her wind-based abilities may operate in the game.

The leaked HSR Black Swan abilities include:

Star Rail Black Swan Skill

Deals wind damage equal to 60% of Black Swan’s attack to a designated enemy and its adjacent targets with a 100% base chance to reduce the defense of each enemy by 27.0% for 3 turns.

Star Rail Black Swan Ultimate

Deals wind damage equal to 96% of Black Swan’s attack power to the entire enemy team and strengthens the target’s [Fate Card] effect for 2 turns. Strengthened [Fate Card] reduces the target’s effect resistance by 17.5% and can be considered as any 1 Damage Over Time type negative status. The enhanced [Fate Card] does not reset its level after the target deals damage at the beginning of its turn, and the effect is triggered a maximum of 1 time during the duration of the enhancement.

Star Rail Black Swan Passive

When an enemy target takes Damage Over Time, Black Swan has a 60% base chance to apply [Fate Card] to the target, which can be triggered 4 times per unit per action. The target of the [Fate Card] will take wind damage equal to 155% of the Black Swan’s attack at the beginning of the turn.

Fate Card

Fate Card has a level mechanics, with an initial level of 1. Apply [Fate Card] again to a target that has already had it increases the level of [Fate Card] by 1. When [Fate Card] deals damage at the beginning of the target’s turn, it has additional effects depending on the level:

  • Greater than or equal to level 1: Each level additionally increases damage equal to 31% of Black Swan’s attack power.
  • Greater than or equal to level 3: Deals additional damage equal to 90% of the original damage to adjacent targets.
  • Greater than or equal to level 6: Ignores 22.5% of the target’s defense.

Destiny Card

Destiny Card resets the level to 1 at the beginning of the target’s turn after dealing damage.

Star Rail Black Swan Technique

After using the secret technique: draw 1 Fate Crystal (physical, fire, lightning, or wind) that you do not already hold, up to a maximum of 4 Fate Crystals at the same time. When entering battle, Black Swan consumes all the Fate Crystal it holds, and for each one consumed, triggers a Weakness Break effect with a 100% damage multiplier on every single enemy with a corresponding attribute weakness, depending on the attribute of the consumed Fate Crystal.

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It is important to note that leaked information on Honkai Star Rail Black Swan is subject to change, and the final skills and values may differ. However, with her wind-type elemental damage, she is expected to be a valuable asset for players lacking in that area.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan Traces

Also, the following has been revealed about Black Swan’s Traces:

Trace 1: When casting Skill, there is a ?% base chance to apply [Tarot Card] to a single target.

Trace 2: When casting Basic ATK, Black Swan regenerates ? Energy.

Trace 3: Enemies affected by DoT will deal less DMG to Black Swan.

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Honkai Star Rail Black Swan Release Date

As a five-star character, Black Swan is likely to be featured in her own banner event. During this limited-time event, players will have the opportunity to summon Black Swan and add her to their roster.

The release date for Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail is currently uncertain. Version 1.2 of the game will introduce Kafka, Blade, and Luka, expected to launch in July. Version 1.3 will bring Dan Heng and Fu Xuan in August, as per the schedule. So, Black Swan may make her appearance in HSR 1.4 banner, which is speculated to release in September 2023.

Well, the introduction of Black Swan has sparked excitement among Honkai Star Rail players. As a new five-star character with wind-based abilities, she has the potential to become a valuable asset to any team. While her release date is yet to be confirmed, players can anticipate a banner event featuring Black Swan, offering a limited-time opportunity to obtain her.

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As miHoYo continues to develop and reveal new content, fans eagerly await the chance to experience the power and abilities of Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail.


Who is Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail?

Black Swan is a character that is currently being teased and was in the most recent cinematic trailer for Hoyoverse, which she also narrated: Fables About the Stars, Part 1 of the Myriad Celestia Trailer.

Who are the Black Swan voice actors in Honkai: Star Rail?

Black Swan will have Arryn Zech as the English voice actor, Nabatame Hitomi as the Japanese, Yáng Mènglù as the Chinese, and Kim Ha-young as the Korean.

When will Black Swan be released in Honkai: Star Rail?

Black Swan has only recently been hinted; and as of this writing, no release date has been announced. However, she may be introduced in or after version 1.4, according to leaks.

What is Black Swan’s role in Honkai: Star Rail?

According to leaked lore, Black Swan is a Memokeeper from the Garden of Recollection, who shed their mortal body and continue to exist in spirit because they are committed to saving and sharing memories and have been awakened by their master Fuli.

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