Starcraft 3 is in Development, suggests Insider Reports


Insider rumors allege that Starcraft 3, the much-awaited third installment in the critically renowned real-time strategy genre, is presently under development.

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The news of StarCraft 3 reportedly being under development has excited the gaming community

Real-time strategy games with a military science fiction theme are part of the Starcraft series. These video games have characters who are members of military organizations as well as cutting-edge technology and weapons. The games’ background settings in space or on far-off planets create a totally made-up universe that only exists in books, comics, movies, and video games.

Fans of the Starcraft series have long been awaiting news of a potential Starcraft 3. Speculation about the game’s development and release date has circulated for years. However, recent rumors suggest that Blizzard may be reviving the beloved franchise with StarCraft 3 in development.

Starcraft 3 Reportedly in Development

Reputable insider Jez Corden of Windows Central has hinted at the development of Starcraft 3. When asked about the future of the Starcraft series, Corden alluded to a new entry in the works.

In response to a user’s question specifically asking about Starcraft 3, Corden simply replied with a one-word answer: “Yep.” This single-word response has ignited speculation and excitement among fans, suggesting that the next Starcraft game may indeed be in development.

While no official announcement has been made by Blizzard Entertainment, Corden’s response has sparked excitement among fans.

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When will Starcraft 3 release?

StarCraft II, the last game in the series, was released in 2010. Although the game received expansions until 2016, Blizzard has remained relatively quiet about the franchise since then. The focus has been on other titles like Overwatch and Diablo. With recent releases in those series, it seems plausible that Blizzard may now turn its attention back to the Starcraft series.

Blizzard Entertainment has not made any official announcements regarding the release of Starcraft 3. Also, the company’s future game list does not include Starcraft 3, and the last project related to the Starcraft series was the remastered version of the original game released in 2017.

Considering the three-year gap since the remake, it is uncertain when the next Starcraft game will be released.

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The Starcraft Series: A Renowned Franchise

For those unaware, the Starcraft series has garnered a reputation as one of the most renowned real-time strategy game franchises since its debut in 1998.

The original game, released in 1998, defined the genre and presented a compelling story set in the 25th century AD, featuring a war between three galactic races.

The success of the original Starcraft led to a remastered version released in 2017, making the game accessible on modern platforms. Following the success of the remastered version, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was released in 2010. This sequel improved upon the gameplay systems of the original and received three major expansions, providing players with even more addictive gameplay experiences.

While fans eagerly anticipate the release of Starcraft 3, it is important to note that no official announcements have been made by Blizzard Entertainment. The development of remains unconfirmed, and it is uncertain when or if the game will be released.

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However, with insider reports and the series’ dedicated fan base, there is hope that Starcraft 3 may become a reality in the future. Until then, fans can continue to enjoy the existing games in the series and keep their fingers crossed for a new installment.

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