Final Fantasy 16 DLC: Producer Naoki Yoshida wants a Cid-focused DLC


Producer Naoki Yoshida has hinted at the prospect of a Final Fantasy 16 DLC that focuses on Cid, so players can get ready for new adventures and expansions in the universe of FF XVI.

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Final Fantasy 16 DLC should be Cid-focused, wishes game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy 16 launched just last month and yet fans are already clamoring for some DLC from developer Square Enix. However, earlier this year, the development team confirmed that there wouldn’t be any expansions or Final Fantasy 16 DLC. That was a real bummer for the fans.

Final Fantasy 16’s USP lies in the detail of its mythology. In the latest installment in the series, the protagonist Clive Rosfield is trying to free the land of Valisthea from the evil forces of dominion. The story is played out in three time periods.

Fortunately, just last week, producer Naoki Yoshida said in an interview that Square Enix had not turned a blind eye to all the fans eagerly waiting for more content for the game. The developers are considering releasing some sort of Final Fantasy 16 DLC. Here, we will provide you with all the details that are available regarding this so far.

Producer Yoshida wants Cid to head a Final Fantasy 16 DLC

One of the main highlights of the interview with the producer of Final Fantasy 16 with GamerBraves was the question on Final Fantasy 16 DLC. To everyone’s surprise, and contradiction of their earlier statement, producer Naoki Yoshida said they were considering a DLC release for the title. Guess they just couldn’t ignore the amount of positive reception this video game has amassed.

In the above interview with Kakuchopurei, producer Yoshida was asked who he would like to be a playable character in this new content apart from Clive Rosfield. The answer was an awesome one.

He said it was Cid who he would like to see up on the big screen. For those who don’t know, Cid is the outlaw sidekick of the main character, Rosfield, in FFXVI. His complex and mysterious backstory would lend itself to an exciting Final Fantasy 16 DLC. (Of course, a deep dive into Clive’s life wouldn’t be bad either.) But just keep in mind that these ideas are hypothetical at the moment.

Yoshida warned that this was only his preference and to not take this as what the big heads of Creative Business Unit 3 have in mind for the series if anything at all.

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Who is Cid in Final Fantasy?

There hasn’t been a single Cid in all the Final Fantasy titles. Many characters have been named Cid throughout the series. But Final Fantasy 16’s Cid has wooed the audience like none else.

He is the Dominant of the thunder Eikon Ramuh. Currently a revolutionary leader, he yearns and fights for the freedom of the kingdoms of Valisthea with his skills as a former soldier. The protagonist and his companions lend a hand to this mission in Final Fantasy 16.

Cid hasn’t been given the attention his character is worth in the Final Fantasy series. Hence, what better protagonist for Final Fantasy 16 DLC can you find? For example, there is much to explore about his time in the Royal Waloeder Army as well as his relationship with Benedikta Harman, the antagonist in FFXVI.

Yoshida talks about Cid, “He is such an interesting character with his complex life and background story.” He continued, “This is not a business decision, but more a personal and creative decision to make him playable in a future content update.” Arguably, Cid is the most creative and popular character after Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16. Don’t confuse this for a fascination with his Yorkshire accent, though there is no doubt that his voice actor Ralph Ineson (recognize someone from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones?) has injected a unique flavor of his own into Cid.

Another interesting question put forward to Naoki Yoshida was that of making a character playable as a new Eikonic summon. Alexander was the producer’s reply, the justification being that a cool superpower for Clive would be the ability to fast forward and reverse time. Maybe he’d pay Alexander a visit in Rosalith Castle. But that probably wouldn’t be happening anytime soon in the Final Fantasy series.

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While Yoshida’s preference for Cid and the idea of making him playable in a future content update is a personal and creative decision, it’s not confirmed if this will actually happen. Yoshida also mentioned the possibility of Alexander, a powerful summon, being a cool superpower for Clive. However, it’s important to note that these ideas are currently hypothetical, and no concrete plans for Final Fantasy 16 DLC have been announced yet.

Nonetheless, the possibility of Final Fantasy 16 DLC has sparked excitement among fans who are eager for more content and character exploration in the world of FF16.

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