Upcoming Fortnite Crew Pack skins for May and June 2023 revealed by new leaks


Potential Fortnite Crew Pack skins for the month of May and June have all been revealed by the recent datamined files leak.

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Fortnite Crew Pack May and June 2023 skins reportedly leaked

The downtime for Fortnite v24.10 Update has ended, and it is now live. Gamers from all over the world are currently taking use of the new update’s features. The new skins for the weapons are only one of the many new additions to this release.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Fortnite, aside from those dramatic showdowns near the finish of a game, is the variety of skins and crossovers that are offered. Some of them can be bought, while others require the successful completion of unique challenges.

Then there is Fortnite Crew, a premium subscription service for devoted fans that offers users a variety of benefits, including cosmetics and more, in exchange for paying $11.99 (£9.99, €9.99) every month.

Subscribers will be able to get the Triarch Nox Outfit and an exclusive set of cosmetics in April 2023, as well as other benefits like battle pass access and V-Bucks.

However, leaks have already the next Fortnite Crew Pack skins for May, June, and July that will be announced soon.

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Fortnite Crew Pack skins for May and June Leak

The Fortnite Crew Pack is a paid monthly subscription that provides players with a number of advantages, for those who may not be familiar with the program. Subscribers will receive 1,000 v-bucks every month in addition to the battle pass for the current season and a tonne of cosmetic goods like back blings, pickaxes, wraps, and new outfits.

Three new Fortnite Crew Pack Skins that will be launched in the upcoming three months have recently been revealed by leaks. HYPEX shared the images of the 3 Upcoming Skins (one is the Triarch Nox skin for April Crew) and said, they were marked as “Crew”.

The “next” crew skins were leaked with the skin of the current month. Which of the two will appear in May and June is still unknown. Yet, the leaked two skins are unquestionably coming up in Fortnite Crew Pack May and Fortnite Crew Pack June in 2023.

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The man’s face and a little bit of his haircut seem similar to Akira Nishikiyama, commonly known as Nishiki, from the Yakuza series. Moreover, the second Fortnite Crew Pack skin appears to be a bootleg hybrid of Orochimaru from the Konoha Crush storyline and Eren season 4.

One player stated in response to the leaked upcoming Fortnite Crew Pack Skins, “That female skin isn’t my cup of tea, but might have a better 3d model. That male skin seems very decent, might pick up that month’s crew.” the other wrote, “That man was among my top survey skins! Although I haven’t been feeling crew packs lately, I actually like all of these.”

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Fortnite Crew Pack May and Fortnite Crew Pack June in 2023

Epic has confirmed that the Fortnite Triarch Nox skin, which suits the Chapter 4 Season 2 theme, will be the exclusive skin featured in Fortnite Crew April 2023. The following items are also included in the April Crew rewards for Fortnite:

  • Triarch Nox skin (reactive)
  • Midnight Aegis Back Bling
  • Starlit Sai Pickaxe
  • Noxious Wrap

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As far as the Fortnite Crew Pack skin is concerned, these prizes will change each month as Epic previously stated “Monthly Crew Packs always include one accessory and another outfit. To members of the Fortnite Crew, everything is exceptional.”

In the Year 2023, players have got three crew packs to date and these are:

  1. Fortnite Crew January: Gildhart skin
  2. Fortnite Crew February: Sylvie skin
  3. Fortnite Crew March: Rift Knight Kieran skin

This is all that we know about the next Fortnite Crew Pack Skins 2023 for the month of May and June.

When will the next Fortnite Crew Pack release?

Players must wait until April 30 to get their hands on the Fortnite Crew Pack for May 2023 after the April 2023 Crew Pack is released on March 31.

What is the price of the Fortnite Crew Pack?

The cost of the Fortnite Crew Pack varies depending on where you live.
US: $11.99
UK: £9.99
EU: €11.99

What will the next Fortnite Crew Pack be?

Players will be able to obtain Triarch Nox skin with Fortnite Crew Pack in April 2023, following the release of Rift Knight Kieran skin in March 2023.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.


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