Valorant 7.01 Patch Notes: agent and competitive upgrades, new interesting features, more


The Valorant 7.01 patch is the first update following the release of Episode 7 Act 1, and it contains adjustments to agents and player behavior in addition to a new phase for the Premier game mode.

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Valorant 7.01 Patch Notes have been shared by the devs

Valorant players have something to look forward to with the release of the Valorant 7.01 patch, as it brings the highly anticipated Premier Ignition Stage.

This Valorant 7.01 patch introduces a team-based tournament and offers an improved pathway for players to pursue a professional career in the Riot shooter. Enrollments for the Premier game mode are open until Thursday, July 20, with matches running until Saturday, August 12, and playoffs taking place on August 13.

Important ban enhancements are also coming to the game with Valorant 7.01 patch notes, as in-game bans for AFK, Friendly Fire, and Queue Dodge offenses have been implemented with Valorant 7.01 patch.

Valorant 7.01 Patch Notes

Riot Games has made significant improvements to the ability action icons in Valorant. The aim is to ensure consistency across all agents and abilities that share a common cast paradigm or output. In addition, new ability icons have been added where necessary. Players will now see these icons appearing above their equipped abilities, providing a clearer and more intuitive visual representation.

Another exciting addition to the agent updates is the introduction of voiceover line interactions between Gekko and Deadlock.

The biggest highlight of the 7.01 patch is the launch of the Premier Ignition Stage, a team-based tournament that offers players a chance to prove their skills and compete for recognition. It is important to note that even if players participated in the Premier Open Beta, they will need to start fresh with Ignition.

Also, in an effort to promote fair play and discourage disruptive behavior, Riot Games has implemented several updates to address player behavior in Valorant. One notable addition is the introduction of in-game bans for repeated instances of going AFK, Friendly Fire, and Queue Dodge in both Competitive and Unrated modes. These bans serve as a deterrent and aim to maintain a positive and respectful gaming environment for all players.

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Valorant 7.1 patch – AGENT UPDATES

  • We’ve updated the ability action icons to be more consistent across all Agents and abilities that have a common cast paradigm or output. We’ve also added new ones to where it was necessary. These icons appear above your equipped ability.
  • We’ve added voiceover line interactions between Gekko and Deadlock.

Valorant 7.1 patch – COMPETITIVE UPDATES


Ignition Stage is live!

  • If you played in the Premier Open Beta, first of all, thank you! Second, everyone is starting from scratch with Ignition so you’ll have to make or join a new team this time around, too. Your team and match history will carry over from Ignition to the launch in August though, so choose your team name carefully. (You can’t change it later!)
  • Enrollment runs until July 20, so get your team together and make sure to choose a Zone before then. The exact time for the end of Enrollment varies by Zone—make sure to check the schedule in the client for more information so you don’t miss it.
  • Matches start on July 20 and run through August 12, with Playoffs on August 13. Earn a Premier Score of at least 375 by then to qualify and to have a chance to be crowned one of the best teams in your Division. (Oh…and get a sweet Premier Champion title and gun buddy, too.)

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Valorant 7.1 patch – PLAYER BEHAVIOR UPDATES

  • We added in-game bans for repeated AFK, Friendly Fire, and Queue Dodge in Competitive and Unrated modes.
  • People who are text-muted in real time will now also be voice-muted for the entire match.

In conclusion, the Valorant 7.01 patch brings a range of exciting updates to the game. Agent improvements, competitive enhancements, and player behavior update all contribute to a more engaging and fair gaming experience.

Players can now enjoy a more consistent visual representation of abilities, experience new voiceover interactions between Gekko and Deadlock, participate in the Premier Ignition Stage tournament, and benefit from stricter measures against disruptive behavior. As Valorant continues to evolve, these updates showcase Riot Games’ commitment to enhancing the gameplay and community experience.

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