Valorant Deadlock Guide: Tips to Master the new Sentinel


With the help of our thorough Valorant Deadlock Guide, get ready to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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Valorant Deadlock Guide: Best ways to use her abilities

Valorant’s roster of agents continues to grow with the addition of Deadlock, the latest Sentinel to join the game. With her unique abilities and playstyle, mastering Deadlock requires a different approach compared to traditional Sentinels.

In this Valorant Deadlock guide, we’ll provide tips and tricks to help you become a skilled player with this new agent and explore her abilities.

Valorant Deadlock Guide: Unique Abilities

Deadlock was introduced to Valorant along with other exciting updates, including the New Frontier skinline, Team Deathmatch mode, and a new Progression System. With her arrival, the Sentinel count increased to five in Episode 7 Act 1. Her abilities set her apart from other agents, and some players have expressed concerns about the potential power of her “instant win” ability.

To effectively play Deadlock, you’ll need to adopt a different playstyle and think creatively. Her abilities can be combined with those of other agents for optimal results.

For example, combining Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh with Raze’s Paint Shells (cluster grenades) can help you clear out enemies hiding in corners. Since she is a new agent, there is still plenty of room for community exploration and innovation regarding her gameplay strategies, and hence we have prepared a thorough Valorant Deadlock guide for you.

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Valorant Deadlock Guide: Best Ways to Use as Defender

When defending, Deadlock’s abilities can be used to delay enemy pushes onto a site. The Barrier Mesh is particularly useful in this regard since it takes more than 20 bullets to destroy it completely. Think of it as a transparent version of Sage’s wall.

To defend with Annihilation, use it to drag a specific attacker into its range. This will force the rest of the opposition to continuously shoot at the cocooned enemy, diverting their attention and allowing an Operator user on your team to secure easy kills.

Combining Deadlock’s GravNet and Sonic Sensors can be effective when multiple enemies are aggressively attacking you. Both abilities will concuss and slow down opponents, giving you the upper hand in securing additional kills.

Valorant Deadlock Guide: Best Ways to Use as Attacker

Deadlock’s ultimate ability, Annihilation, can be a game-changer during 1v1 situations, especially after planting the spike. By bouncing the ultimate off a surface, you can take a better position and angle it towards the spike’s location without exposing yourself. If opponents are caught in the Annihilation, it’s game over for them. If they try to dodge the ultimate, you’ll delay their refusal time, potentially causing them to panic.

When playing as Deadlock on the attacking side, utilizing her abilities strategically is key. Place Deadlock’s Sonic Sensors to detect and deter flankers. If enemies break the sensor or get trapped by it, you’ll be notified, providing valuable intel to your teammates.

If your team prefers an aggressive playstyle, consider combining abilities like the Barrier Mesh and GravNet with another Duelist like Raze. This combination can help clear out enemies hiding in corners or tight spaces.

Alternatively, use the Barrier Mesh during post-plant scenarios to block or delay opponents from retaking control of the spike. This gives you and your team ample time to relocate to advantageous positions. The map Ascent, for instance, can be particularly favorable for Deadlock’s abilities.

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Coverart of Ep 7 Act 1 featuring Deadlock

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Every Ability of Deadlock in Valorant

Deadlock falls into the Sentinels category, excelling at holding sites during defense and providing valuable information on enemy movements during attacks. Here’s an overview of her abilities and their costs:

  • Signature Ability (E) – Barrier Mesh (Free): Equips a Barrier Mesh disc that can be thrown forward to generate barriers blocking character movement.
  • Ability 1 (Q) – Sonic Sensor (200 Credits): Equips a Sonic Sensor that detects enemy sounds and concusses the area if significant noise is detected.
  • Ability 2 (C) – GravNet (200 Credits): Equips a GravNet grenade that forces enemies caught within it to crouch and move slowly.
  • Ultimate Ability (X) – Annihilation (7 Ult Points): Equips a Nanowire Accelerator that captures the first enemy contacted, cocooning them along a path. If the enemy reaches the end of the path, they will die unless freed.

Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh blocks character movement but allows bullets to pass through. If you need to move past the barrier, you can either break the bulbs to create space or wait for 40 seconds until it disappears. You can purchase two Sonic Sensors, which detect enemy movement within their range. Opponents will either get concussed or break the sensor to move ahead, providing you with valuable information.

The GravNet grenade can be thrown off vertical surfaces, making it ideal for catching enemies off-guard. Finally, Deadlock’s ultimate ability, Annihilation, can be a potent tool, especially in 1v1 situations.

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Valorant Deadlock Guide: Best abilities and tips to use them

Now that we have an overview of her abilities, our detailed Valorant Deadlock Guide will tell you the best tips and tricks to make the most of her abilities and enhance your gameplay experience.

Barrier Mesh

Deadlock’s signature ability, Barrier Mesh, generates health-rich barriers in a cross (X) geometry from a central origin point. These barriers can deny critical space and block movements, making it a powerful tool for controlling the map.

  • Strategic Placement: Use Barrier Mesh to block chokepoints as you enter a site or take control of important areas. Additionally, you can place the mesh to block the planted Spike, forcing the defuser to break multiple fortifying orbs to get past it. This can buy valuable time for your team to secure the round win.
  • Combining Abilities: Combine Barrier Mesh with other agent abilities to create lethal combinations. Deploy the mesh at popular holding spots and combine it with damage-inflicting abilities like Brimstone’s molly and ultimate, Raze’s grenade and Boom Bot, KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, Breach’s Aftershock, and more. This synergy can catch enemies off-guard and give you a significant advantage in engagements.
  • Interactions with Other Agents: Use Barrier Mesh with Sage’s Barrier Orb or Harbor’s Cove to lock down retake points and frustrate your enemies. By strategically blocking off certain areas, you can limit the enemy’s options and gain a tactical advantage.


GravNet is Deadlock’s ability that forces enemies caught within its radius to crouch and move slowly. It can be a powerful tool for both offense and defense.

  • Deadly Combos: When an enemy is trapped in the GravNet, take advantage of their limited movement and combine it with damage-dealing abilities like Raze’s Paint Shells or Breach’s Aftershock. This can result in an easy elimination and disrupt the enemy team’s plans.
  • Post-Plant Defense: On the defensive side, use GravNet to delay Spike defusals and create chaos among attackers. Place it strategically to hinder aggressive pushes and force enemies to waste utility or find alternative routes.
  • Saving GravNet: In certain situations, it may be beneficial to save GravNet for retake scenarios rather than using it immediately at the site entrance. Some agents have abilities that can bypass or escape the net, so consider the enemy composition and choose the optimal time to deploy it.
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Snapshot of Deadlock’s appearance in Valorant: Riot Games

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Sonic Sensor

Sonic Sensor is Deadlock’s ability that detects enemy sounds and concusses the area if significant noise is detected. It can be used to control flanks and gather information.

  • Creative Placement: Sonic Sensors require creativity and unpredictability to be effective. Find uncommon spots to stick the sensor and shuffle their placements to catch enemies off-guard. Placing the sensor beyond barriers or walls can trigger the debuff when enemies make sound cues on the other side.
  • Utility Denial: While Sonic Sensors are not triggered by general abilities, they can detect specific agent abilities like Jett’s dash, Neon’s sprint, or Gekko’s Wingman. Use this to your advantage and place the sensors in areas where these abilities are commonly used.
  • Enhanced Annoyance: Stick Sonic Sensors on a planted Spike or common lanes to further annoy enemies and gain valuable information about their movements. Line popular holding spots with sensors create major inconvenience for attackers.


Annihilation is Deadlock’s ultimate ability that forms a cocoon over the enemy, ultimately killing them. It requires good timing, coordination, and awareness to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Post-Plant Tactics: In post-plant situations, activating Annihilation can bait opponents who are trying to defuse the Spike. This can keep them guessing and create opportunities for your team to secure the round.
  • Bouncing Cocoon: Utilize the unique mechanic of Annihilation’s nanowire pulse to bounce off barriers. This allows you to trap enemies without exposing yourself and can be particularly effective for denying Spike defusal or dealing damage to enemies.
  • Combining Ultimates: Combine Annihilation with other ultimates in VALORANT to increase its impact. Coordinate with agents like Gekko, Sova, or Breach to synergize their ultimates and create devastating plays.

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Well, our Valorant Deadlock Guide is based on our experience and ultimately, your success with this new Agent depends on your creativity and ability to think outside the box.

Surprise your opponents with unexpected strategies that can turn the tide of a round in your team’s favor. Deadlock’s unique abilities offer opportunities for innovative plays, so experiment and find strategies that suit your playstyle.

Mastering Deadlock requires practice, experimentation, and a deep understanding of her abilities. With time and dedication, you’ll be able to utilize her strengths to their fullest potential and become a formidable force in the world of Valorant. Good luck, and we hope our Valorant Deadlock guide helps you master the new Agent.

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