Valorant Patch 9.0 – Every Agent Ranked According To Tiers


We have the Valorant Patch 9.0 Agent tier list to help you understand which Agent ranks where currently in the game.

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Valorant Patch 9.0 – Every Agent Ranked According To Tiers

Players recently got a new update called Valorant Patch 9.0. And even though it is not as big as the last one (Patch 8.11), Riot Games made some changes. They fixed things so certain characters (Agents) aren’t too strong, and are more fair and competitive.

If you have been keeping in touch, you’ll know that the Valorant community was initially thrilled with the changes in Patch 8.11. As time went by, however, certain Valorant Agents like Iso and Neon turned out to be excessively powerful, tipping the scales of fair play. To balance this, Patch 9.0 introduces necessary nerfs, recalibrating the gameplay and providing a more balanced experience.

Here, we have compiled a list of all the Agents according to their rank in Valorant Patch 9.0. If you are a noob in Valorant, this will set you up and get you going in a nice direction towards mastery.

Understanding the Tiers for Valorant Agents

Valorant Agents are categorized into five tiers based on their performance and utility:

  • D-Tier: Underwhelming and not recommended for ranking up.
  • C-Tier: Average performance with notable limitations.
  • B-Tier: Good choices in skilled hands despite some drawbacks.
  • A-Tier: Strong, versatile, and effective in most situations.
  • S-Tier: The crème de la crème, perfect for ranking up quickly.

Note that this tier list targets players below the Immortal rank.

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Valorant Patch 9.0: Agents in S-Tier


Cypher’s mastery of map control and surveillance is unparalleled. His reliance on static traps, however, can sometimes limit his effectiveness.


Jett stands out as the best Agent in Patch 9.0. Her exceptional mobility, diverse abilities, and fantastic entry capabilities solidify her top position. Despite limited team utility, her prowess in dueling is unmatched.


Neon’s immense damage output places her in the S-Tier. Although her control can be difficult, her power remains undeniable post-Patch 9.0 adjustments.


Raze excels at breaching enemy defenses with her high damage output. Despite her loud explosions, her ability to force enemy repositioning makes her a top-tier choice.


Reyna’s aggressive playstyle and quick repositioning after kills make her one of the most capable Agents. Her limited team utility is a minor drawback compared to her strengths.

Valorant Patch 9.0: Agents in A-Tier


Chamber’s teleportation and aggressive playstyle make him a formidable opponent. Despite his limited team utility, his abilities are highly valuable in skilled hands.


Clove combines aggression and tactics, boasting abilities that surprise enemies and gather information. Their non-binary identity adds to their unique appeal. Though challenging to master, Clove’s potential is vast.


Gekko is an excellent starting Agent for beginners, offering versatility across multiple roles. His long recharge times, however, can be a limiting factor.


Omen’s aggressive teleportation and area disruption abilities are both a blessing and a curse. His high-risk, high-reward playstyle is challenging but can lead to significant gains.


Sage’s healing abilities are indispensable for team support. However, her vulnerability during healing and lack of defensive skills can expose her to danger.


Sova’s information-gathering abilities and area denial make him a favorite among players. Mastering his complex skill set can turn him into an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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Valorant Patch 9.0: Agents in B-Tier


Iso saw a shift from D-Tier to B-Tier in Patch 8.11 due to his powerful abilities. But fans were getting concerned about this Agent becoming unstoppable so the officials put down some of his abilities. But despite subsequent nerfs to his Double Tap and Shield, he remains a solid pick for those who master his complex tactics. He is difficult to master and his signature Kill Reset is removed. However, he has complex abilities and advanced tactics.


Killjoy excels in area control and information gathering through traps. Her long set-up time, however, can be a drawback, making her less dynamic in fast-paced situations.


Phoenix is an exceptional duelist with robust healing abilities. His predictability can be a disadvantage, yet his direct engagement style remains highly effective.


Skye’s healing and tracking abilities have immense potential. Nonetheless, her dependence on team support and limited defensive capabilities can be a hindrance.


Viper’s poisonous gas and environmental manipulation make her a strong contender. Her high damage potential and area control are balanced by her difficulty in handling, often leading players to abandon her.


Yoru is a god of misdirection, creating chaos with ease. He can flank enemies in his sleep. However, his advanced skill set requires significant time and effort to master, making him a challenging but rewarding choice.

Valorant Patch 9.0: Agents in C-Tier


Brimstone’s recent updates improved his smoke deployment and targeting UI, yet he remains predictable. His strong area denial and team player qualities are offset by his lack of mobility, keeping him in the C-Tier.


Deadlock is a balanced Agent with moderate defense abilities. However, her overall impact is limited. That puts her, unfortunately, in the lower tiers. Her defensive capabilities don’t quite match up against more aggressive or versatile Agents.


Fade’s unique abilities, like deafening and vision impairment, are intriguing but hard to master. Her specific skill set requires significant practice, making her less cooperative for many players and thus placing her in the C-Tier.


KAY/O is a great duelist with strong neutralizing abilities, and amazing in aggressive pushes. However, his vulnerability during retreats and limited team support reduce his overall utility.

Valorant 8.0 Patch Notes (3)

Valorant Patch 9.0: Agents in D-Tier


Astra is great at controlling large areas and strategic plays but demands constant team communication. Her complexity and reliance on team synergy make her less viable to many players, especially those who prefer a more straightforward approach.


Breach offers long-range stun abilities, providing excellent disruption. However, his reliance on team coordination diminishes his standalone effectiveness. Those without a reliable squad can’t go for Breach.


Harbor, despite his impressive vision-blocking abilities, remains an uneasy choice for players. Many players find his effectiveness lacking. That places him at the bottom of our list. His utilities are situational, requiring precise execution and coordination, which often hampers solo play.

That concludes the list of all the Agents according to their rank in Valorant Patch 9.0. The key takeaway from all that you have read above is not a definitive way of doing things in Valorant, but more of a pointer to get your game up to the next level.

Valorant is a dynamic game in all its aspects and it will take a certain amount of experimentation before you can settle down and decide on your own list of top Agents. Just make sure to try out as many Agents and gameplay styles as you can and you will be good to go.

For constant updates, keep following Gamevro.


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