7 Best Minecraft Mini-Farms that Minecraft players should Check Out



NOVEMBER 17, 2023

Constructed with minimal materials, this small Minecraft farm efficiently generates experience points using water flow, trapdoors, a turtle egg, and a weapon.

Micro Mob XP Farm

Leveraging waterlogged mangrove roots, this compact design creates a flexible cobblestone generator that can produce a single block or multiple blocks as needed.

Mangrove Root Cobblestone Generator

With a straightforward redstone setup, this small-scale sugarcane farm utilizes observer blocks and pistons to automate the collection process, depositing sugarcane into nearby hoppers.

Mini Sugarcane Farm

Featuring a compact 3x4x6 construction, this iron farm design safeguards villagers and efficiently produces iron ingots using a soul campfire and a drop system.

Micro Iron Farm

Fully automated and ideal for early-game bread production, this farm keeps a farmer villager in place, applying bone meal to wheat as it's cultivated on tilled grass or dirt.

Mini Wheat Farm

Requiring bees, flowers, and enclosures, this easy-to-set-up farm automates honey production as bees collect pollen, return to hives, and create honey without player input.

Mini Bee/Honey Farm

Design a simple XP farm by baking potatoes using a smoker, providing experience points without the need for mobs.

Potato XP Farm

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