Best Minecraft Survival Games servers: List of top 5 servers in 2023


Get ready for fierce PvP action in the realm of Minecraft Survival Games by putting on your best gear! The best 5 Minecraft Survival Game servers for 2023 that test your abilities, judgment, and survival instincts are all listed here.

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Best Minecraft Survival Games servers: Lits of top 5 servers in 2023

Minecraft is a beloved open-world game that captivates millions of players worldwide. Among its diverse gameplay options, survival games challenge players’ endurance, strategy, and quick thinking.

This article highlights the best 5 Minecraft Survival Games servers as of 2023, elevating your gaming adventure with thrilling competitions, engaging communities, and enhanced gameplay mechanics. Prepare to immerse yourself in intense Minecraft survival battles and emerge victorious.

Best 5 Minecraft Survival Games servers

The following is the list of five well-known Minecraft Survival Games servers that are discussed in detail in our post below:

  • Minemen Club
  • MoxMC
  • Lifeboat
  • Hypixel
  • ShadowXCraft

Minemen Club

In addition to the previously mentioned servers, Minemen Club stands out as a popular Minecraft survival games servers known for its fast-paced gameplay and engaging modes, particularly focusing on duel-based combat. 

The server offers an easy-to-use lobby, straightforward game mechanics, and an active community for players to connect with fellow survival game enthusiasts. With its unique mechanics and frequent updates, Minemen Club’s survival games game mode has garnered a dedicated fan base. 

The server’s emphasis on PvP combat attracts skilled players, making it an ideal choice for those seeking competitive challenges and intense battles. 

With Minemen Club, players can expect top-quality gameplay and an immersive experience that will keep them engaged for hours on end.

  • IP address:
  • Average player count: 500 – 2,000

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MoxMC stands out as the ultimate gaming destination for survival games enthusiasts. With over 25 diverse game modes, including Prison and Skyblock, players have plenty of options to explore. 

In addition to survival games, MoxMC offers activities like Hide and Seek, Parkour, and KitPvP. The server’s reputation for quick and lag-free gameplay adds to its appeal, attracting those seeking Minecraft’s authentic experience. With unique and engaging survival game modes, MoxMC ensures endless hours of entertainment for solo players or groups of friends. 

The server’s popularity among YouTubers further enhances the excitement, providing opportunities to face them and potentially feature in their videos. 

Additionally, MoxMC offers the thrilling aspects of gambling and 1v1 duels, catering to a wide range of player preferences.

  • IP address:
  • Average player count: 500 – 2,500


Lifeboat is a well-known Minecraft survival server that specializes in mini-games. With a focus on enjoyable mini-games like Skywars, Spleef, and Capture the Flag, Lifeboat is perfect for players who prioritize these activities over the survival aspect of Minecraft. 

The server prides itself on its supportive and friendly community, fostering an environment of healthy competition. Skywars and Capture the Flag are particularly popular among players due to their immersive gameplay and fast-paced nature. 

While the survival games mode is a recent addition, it has gained immense popularity. Keep in mind that Lifeboat is exclusive to the Bedrock edition, and it offers free access for mobile, console, and PC players.

  • Server: Bedrock Server
  • Average player count: 300 – 3,000

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Hypixel stands as the pinnacle of Minecraft servers, renowned worldwide for its vast selection of mini-games. Its blitz survival games mode reigns supreme, offering a premium gameplay experience with a sleek UI, engaging mechanics, and impressive kits/perks. 

Bedwars and Skywars modes guarantee endless entertainment, fueled by a massive player base that thrives in an active environment. 

Prominent YouTubers like Technoblade, Vikkstar123, and Preston have embraced Hypixel, attesting to its popularity. 

Supported by an excellent staff and a robust anti-cheat system, Hypixel is a must-join server for anyone seeking a professional and polished gaming experience.

  • IP address:
  • Average player count: 20,000 – 100,000


ShadowXCraft is a unique Minecraft survival games server that stands out for its special community aspect. Alongside survival games and mini-games, it offers a land-claiming game mode that encourages players to build towns and foster communities. 

The server attracts a significant number of players daily, with a welcoming and supportive community that is especially suitable for beginners or those seeking a non-toxic environment. 

Furthermore, ShadowXCraft features various game modes like Prison, Factions, Creative, BuildUHC, BlockHunt, Turfwars, and more. 

The dedicated staff continuously works on server improvements, although it should be noted that due to its newness, player availability may vary.

  • IP address:
  • Average player count: 10 – 100

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How to master Minecraft Survival Games servers

1: Sneak Attacks and Environmental Kills

Utilize stealth and surprise by sneaking up on players with better armor or gear. Attacking from behind or attempting to push them off cliffs can give you an advantage and potentially eliminate them quickly.

2: Cleaning Up Fights 

Keep an eye out for ongoing battles and engage players who have just finished fighting. They are likely to have low health and be vulnerable, giving you an opportunity to secure an easy kill.

3: Familiarize Yourself with Server Rules

Before joining any Minecraft Survival Games server, ensure that you understand and follow the server’s rules. Most servers prohibit teaming up, so be aware of any limitations or restrictions to maintain fair gameplay and avoid penalties.

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In conclusion, Minecraft Survival Games servers offer thrilling experiences for players looking to test their skills and compete in intense battles. Whether you choose the popular Hypixel server or explore other options like MoxMC, ShadowXCraft, Lifeboat, or Minemen Club, each server provides unique features and a vibrant community. By following the tips and tricks provided, you can enhance your gameplay and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Minecraft survival games.

So gear up, strategize, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in these top Minecraft Survival Games servers of 2023.

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