Best Luocha Light Cones: Honkai: Star Rail Luocha Build

By- Alex

Choosing the best Light Cone for Luocha is important to desired effects for his performance in the game.

Some of the best light cones for Luocha include Echoes of the Coffin, Time Waits For No One, Perfect Timing, and Shared Feeling.

Luocha’s signature light cone, Echoes of the Coffin is the only Abundance Light Cone that enhances Luocha's ATK, making it unique compared to other healers who usually scale off HP or Outgoing Healing.

When fully advanced, Echoes of the Coffin provides a 40% ATK bonus and adds 32 Speed to all party members after Luocha uses his Ultimate. It can restore 5 Energy up to three times per attack by targeting different enemies.

Another 5-Star Abundance Light Cone, Time Waits For No One, is Bailu's signature Light Cone that boosts both Outgoing Healing and Max HP. It deals Additional DMG based on the Outgoing Healing used when Luocha heals an ally.

Luocha's best 4-Star Light Cone is Perfect Timing, which increases his Effect RES by up to 32%. This boosts his Outgoing Healing by up to 45% of Effect RES, allowing him to support DPS units without suffering debuffs.

Players can use Shared Feeling as an alternative 3-star  Light Cone for Luocha. It boosts Outgoing Healing by up to 20% and restores 4 Energy to the entire party when Luocha uses his Skill.