Final Fantasy 9 Remake is in development and will be turn based, claims Insider

By- Alex

Rumors have been circulating for a few months that Square En9's next Final Fantasy remake will be Final Fantasy 9.

Gaming journalist Jeff Grubb has reiterated claims that Final Fantasy 9 Remake is actively being developed.

Grubb states that the scale of the Final Fantasy 9 Remake won't be as large as Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

He compares the difference between Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII: Remake as a better analogy for the scale of the remake.

The Final Fantasy 9 Remake will retain the ATB turn-based system from the original game.

The classic gameplay won't undergo drastic changes, but it will still feel good to play.

Grubb claims that Final Fantasy 9 Remake is not simply a HD remaster.