Genshin Impact Sertice: an upcoming Fontaine character leaked

By- Alex

Prominent Genshin Impact leaker Mero has revealed the three four-star units that will join Eula and Klee for the first half of Version 3.8.

Mika, Thoma, and Razor are reported to be the featured four-star units with increased rates on Eula and Klee's banners.

These units have seen long gaps since their last inclusion on featured banners, with Thoma and Razor having over a six-month hiatus

Another known leaker @GenshinUniverse has revealed the three four-star units that will join Wanderer and Koko for the second half of Genshin 3.8 banner.

In the second half of Version 3.8, Kokomi and Wanderer will be the limited five-star characters, accompanied by four-star characters Faruzan, Yanfei, and Rosaria on their banners.

Kokomi is a strong support character, while Wanderer provides a powerful Anemo DPS option, and these banners mark the conclusion of the Sumeru region's cycle with popular re-runs.

The four-star units on second half of Genshin 3.8 banners have gameplay elements that synergize well with the featured five-star characters.