Genshin Impact Melusine: new race of mysterious Fontaine characters in 4.0


Genshin Impact Melusine, a charming new race of people that live in the ethereal Fontaine region has been revealed in the recent teaser by HoYoverse.

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Genshin Impact Melusine will be the new race of characters in the Fontaine region

The recent Genshin Impact 3.8 Special Program livestream left fans in awe of its surprises and teasers.

At the end of the livestream, a short teaser showcased the highly anticipated Fontaine region and introduced a new race of creatures called Genshin Impact Melusine.

This article aims to delve into the details surrounding this mysterious new race – Genshin Melusine and explore the possibilities of their role in the game.

Genshin Impact Melusine

During the 3.8 livestream, Alice, who is Klee’s mother, provided a voice-over for the teaser and introduced the Melusine.

Genshin Melusine described them as diligent beings with a strong sense of justice. Alice mentioned a specific Melusine in the Nation of Justice who stands out among her kin due to her unwavering dedication to her duties.

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Genshin Impact Melusine Appearance and Profession

The Melusine showcased in the teaser appeared as a distinct animal-like creature with pink and white fur, a long tail, and small wing-like attachments on her back.

She was seen wearing an outfit resembling that of a law enforcer, hinting at her possible profession. She is bipedal, diminutive in stature, and fawn-like in appearance. She also has a long, tufted tail and tiny wing-like extensions on her back.

Also, in the teaser, on a boat, one more fuzzy figure appears that appears to be another Melusine. However, how much variation there is in Melusine’s appearance at this time is unknown.

Despite her small stature, Alice emphasized that the Melusine’s size should not be underestimated as she compensates with her strong sense of justice. This suggests that the Melusine may have a significant role in maintaining order and upholding the law within the Fontaine region.

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Appearances of Melusine in the recent Genshin 3.8 Livestream

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Genshin Impact Melusine Legends and Fontaine connection

Based on the information available, the inspiration for the Fontaine region and the Genshin Melusine race draws from European folklore, particularly the legends of Melusine.

In European folklore, Melusine is commonly described as a female freshwater spirit. She is often depicted as a woman with a fish or serpent tail, sometimes accompanied by wings or two tails. The Melusine legends are prevalent in northern regions of France, such as Poitou, and have spread to neighboring countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Genshin Impact Melusine: Playable Character or NPC?

One aspect that remains uncertain is whether the Melusine will be a playable character or an NPC (non-playable character) in Genshin Impact.

The teaser did not showcase the Melusine possessing a Vision, which is a characteristic of playable characters in the game. This implies that she might not be a playable unit. However, it is essential to note that limited information is currently available, and further updates may shed light on her role.

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Speculations and Future Updates on Genshin Melusine

The teaser raised many questions among Genshin Impact players, leaving room for speculation and anticipation. The appearance of another blurred Melusine entity in the teaser suggests the possibility of more diverse visual features within the race.

Although leaks and data mining efforts have yet to provide a name or additional details about the mysterious Melusine character, her unique design and association with Fontaine’s law enforcement organization make her an intriguing addition to the game’s lore.

In conclusion, we can say, the introduction of the Genshin Melusine race during the version 3.8 Special Program livestream has sparked excitement and curiosity among fans. While specific details about their role and gameplay potential remain unclear, the Melusine’s diligent nature and a strong sense of justice indicate their significance within the Fontaine region.

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As players eagerly await the release of future updates, they can indulge in speculations and prepare to uncover the secrets surrounding the Melusine race in the vast world of Genshin Impact.

Who provided introduced Melusine during the 3.8 livestream in Genshin Impact?

Alice, who is Klee’s mother, provided the voice-over and introduced the Melusine during the 3.8 livestream in Genshin Impact.

How is the appearance of the Melusine described in the teaser?

The Melusine in the teaser is described as a bipedal creature with pink and white fur, a long tufted tail, and small wing-like attachments on her back. She wears an outfit resembling that of a law enforcer.

What is the possible profession of the Melusine?

Based on her appearance in the teaser, Melusine’s outfit resembles that of a law enforcer hinting at her possible profession as a law enforcement figure.

What is the connection between the Genshin Melusine and European folklore?

The Genshin Melusine race draws inspiration from European folklore, specifically the legends of Melusine, who is described as a female freshwater spirit with features like a fish or serpent tail and wings.

Will the Melusine be a playable character or an NPC in Genshin Impact?

It remains uncertain whether the Melusine will be a playable character or an NPC in Genshin Impact. The teaser did not show her possessing a Vision, which is characteristic of playable characters, but more information and updates may reveal her role in the game.

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