Genshin Impact Melusine: new race of Fontaine characters

By- Alex

During the 3.8 livestream, Alice, Klee's mother, provided a voice-over for the teaser and introduced the Melusine

The Melusine are described as diligent beings with a strong sense of justice, and Alice mentioned a specific Melusine in the Nation of Justice who stands out for her unwavering dedication

The Melusine showcased in the teaser appeared as a distinct animal-like creature with pink and white fur, a long tail, and small wing-like attachments on her back. She wears an outfit resembling that of a law enforcer.

The Melusine's small stature should not be underestimated as she compensates with her strong sense of justice, suggesting a significant role in maintaining order within the Fontaine region.

The Genshin Melusine race draws inspiration from European folklore, particularly the legends of Melusine, a female freshwater spirit depicted as a woman with a fish or serpent tail.

It is uncertain whether the Melusine will be a playable character or an NPC in Genshin Impact, as she was not shown possessing a Vision, a characteristic of playable characters.

The teaser hints at the possibility of more diverse visual features within the Melusine race, with the appearance of another blurred Melusine entity.

Limited information is available about the mysterious Melusine character, and further updates may provide more details about her role in the game.

The unique design and association with Fontaine's law enforcement organization make the Melusine an intriguing addition to Genshin Impact's lore, sparking speculation and anticipation among players.