Honkai Star Rail Hanya: abilities and traces leaked

By- Alex

Hanya, a character from Honkai Star Rail, has been leaked online by reliable leaker HSR_stuff1, providing more information about her abilities and traces.

Hanya is rumored to be a 4-star character belonging to the Path of Harmony, which indicates her potential power.

Her skill deals physical damage and triggers the Burden state on a single enemy.

Her talent increases damage and skill point recovery when attacking an enemy afflicted with Burden.

Her technique immediately inflicts Burden on an enemy at the start of a battle.

Her ultimate ability buffs an ally's attack speed and damage to match her own numbers and recovers one skill point.

 Rumored traces suggest she will be a versatile character, with abilities like increasing talent skill point recovery rate and enhancing ally damage against enemies with Burden.

The three traces of Hanya are Recorder: Ally attacks enemies afflicted with Burden and has the chance to increase her Talent skill point recovery rate. Underworld: The damage by an ally increases when attacking enemies with Burden. Resurrection: She will restore energy whenever a skill point recovery is triggered

It's important to note that these leaked abilities are subject to change, and players should wait for the official release to draw conclusions.