Deep Silver Volition’s Saints Row reboot has plenty of strange and exciting weapons for players to use in their quest to take over Santo Ileso, but the Wingsuit is one of best additions yet to the Saints Row franchise.

Here are the steps for getting, using, and upgrading the Wingsuit in the open-world adventure from Deep Silver Volition.

While several of the new Saints Row game's features are locked away, the Wingsuit is more simpler to get than you might expect because you already have it from the beginning.

There are a few methods available to use the Wingsuit:

Use the ‘Rooftop Access’ areas marked on the in-game map for high buildings

Take off from the Weather Stations marked on the game's map.

Increase your speed in a vehicle with a roof, then select "Jump To Wingsuit."

Using the elevators is one of the best ways to gain significant height in the game. Other than that, provided the player is sufficiently elevated above the ground, most surfaces allow them to activate the Wingsuit.