Saints Row 2022: How to unlock new fast travel locations in Saints Row


Saints Row Fast traveling is quite confusing sometimes, and hence we have brought you a guide on how to unlock new fast travel locations in Saints Row.

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Saints Row is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry in its genre, which is action-adventure open-world. As you make your way through the game, its main story missions will oblige you to travel to distant and desolate locations. You would also need to explore every part of the map on your own. Here, commuting becomes the problem.

Sure, driving and flying are great options, especially when you are doing the latter with wingsuits. But after some time, you realize that in many cases fast travel is the most economical option. And here we have a complete guide for you on How to unlock new fast travel locations in Saints Row.

It seems that this is one aspect of the game that the developers, Deep Silver Volition, did not give as much attention to in its explanation as it should. The result is the inevitable mass confusion. Well, let us explain some things at the outset. At first, you will only be able to fast travel to your apartment. After some time, you will be capable of traveling to the fast travel locations with the camera on your smartphone.

Well, enough of talking, let’s head over to the main part, “How to unlock new fast travel locations in Saints Row?”

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Saints Row Fast traveling

Here are how things work. To use the Saints Row fast travel option, open up the map and scroll to one of the purple “Headquarters” icons. All you do then is press either X, if your console is PlayStation, or A, if it’s Xbox, twice. This will start the infamous Saints Row fast travel.

There will be some loading time, after which you will be at whichever fast travel location you chose. However, if you want to travel to locations other than the gang’s apartment, you will need to unlock such locations. Only then will the Saints Row fast travel option be enabled.

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Unlocking new Saints Row fast travel locations

Here’s how we roll. Open up the map and search for any of the yellow “Fast Travel Photo” icons on the map and then click a picture using the camera of your smartphone of that location. The trick here is exploration. The thing is, unless you actually get close enough to the fast travel location, it won’t show up on the map.

That is why you’d need to go out and search the map pretty thoroughly to be able to unlock all the fast travel locations in Saints Row.

Things are easy after that. Once you get to the fast travel location, just press up on the D-Pad to open the camera app on your smartphone. Then center the location/landmark in the lens, making sure it’s not too far or too close. The square viewfinder markings will turn green once the alignment is perfect. Just press X, on PlayStation, or A, on Xbox, to click the picture. Congratulations. You have just unlocked a new Saints Row fast travel location.

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We will leave you with a caveat. “Fast Travel Photo” and “Photo Hunt” are both classed as discoveries and both are marked with yellow icons on the map. “Photo Hunt” icons do not become fast travel points after they are completed. But you can still tell the difference between these two icons easily. The fast travel landmarks have a little train carriage on them and not a camera and a photo.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you unlock new fast travel locations in Saints Row. Enjoy!

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.


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