To unlock the Ant Dune Buggy in Saints Row, players must discover the location of five Lost Wheels, landmarks where the Ant's car parts can be found.

In Saints Row, The Ant is a Dune Buggy Vehicle with Super Air Control, a Signature Ability that can flip the vehicle while it's in the air.

Players in Saints Row must locate and collect Dustlander Car Parts buried inside peculiarly shaped constructions known as Lost Wheels in order to unlock the Ant.

These structures, which resemble two connected windmill-like turbines, may be seen in the Rojas Desert South.

On the western edge of the world map, in the Badlands North, is where you should first go to get the helicopter. Players can find a little helipad northeast of a little lookout tower north of the "Pony Express" Side Hustle activity.

After acquiring the helicopter, Saints Row must fly to the Rojas Desert on the eastern side of the map.

To the northwest of Ringers Clothing Store is where the first Lost Wheels in Saints Row may be found.

The largest unmarked lake's eastern part is where players will find an abandoned warehouse and a crane. To get the first Ant vehicle part in Saints Row, climb to the top of the claim and interact with the Lost Wheels.

Head west of the first Dustlander Car Part store to the tiny heart-shaped lake. The small body of water's northwest corner is where players will find the Lost Wheels.

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