IShowSpeed Performance at Rolling Loud leaves fans shocked

By- Alex

Streaming star IShowSpeed surprised the audience by performing at the Rolling Loud music festival in Portugal.

 IShowSpeed is a popular streamer with 18 million subscribers on YouTube, having moved to the platform after being banned from Twitch in 2021.

 Speed's performance at Rolling Loud was highly anticipated, and he appeared on stage on July 7 to lead the crowd in singing his song 'World Cup.'

Some netizens initially misunderstood the crowd's response, thinking they were booing Speed, but it was actually fans chanting 'Siu,' a term associated with Speed's idol Cristiano Ronaldo, which means 'yes' in Portuguese.

 Multiple shots of the crowd show fans excitedly jumping up and down during Speed's performance.

Speed livestreamed his experience at Rolling Loud on YouTube, providing a 32-minute video on demand (VOD) for his fans to watch.

This performance at Rolling Loud is another significant milestone in Speed's career as a streaming superstar.