League of Legends Briar: Riot Secretly Teases Upcoming Champion

By- Alex

Riot has teased the upcoming champion Briar in a cinematic for VALORANT.

Riot previously announced four new champions for League of Legends season 13, including Briar.

Two of the announced champions, Milio and The Gentle Flame, have already been released.

Naafiri, The Hound of a Hundred Bites, is in the PBE servers and will be released soon.

Briar, the new Jungler champion, will be the first true Vampire champion in League of Legends.

 Little information is known about Briar, but references to frenzies, bloodlust, and uncontrollable hunger suggest a new Frenzy mechanic.

Riot released a teaser for Briar in the cinematic called UNMADE for VALORANT's newest agent, Deadlock.

The name "Brair" was referenced in the cinematic and in a previous teaser for Deadlock, indicating a connection to Briar.

Briar's release date is still unknown, but a simultaneous release with VALORANT is possible, and a release in September or October is likely.