League of Legends Naafiri - the mysterious Darkin Assassin

By- Alex

League of Legends Naafiri: A Darkin Assassin cinematic was released by Riot Games to promote the debut of the new champion.

Naafiri is unique among League of Legends champions as she is a pack of hounds rather than a singular character

The teaser highlights Naafiri's connection to canines and her association with dogs and hounds

Naafiri's abilities include spawning Packmates, hurling daggers, dashing at enemies, damaging enemies in an area, and empowering her pack.

Naafiri is designed to be an easier-to-play assassin champion, allowing players to focus more on strategic aspects like roaming and positioning

Riot Games has developed new technology to accommodate Naafiri's gameplay, indicating that her abilities will be distinct from other champions

Naafiri's gameplay mechanics may involve repositioning herself across the map or utilizing a unique map-roaming mechanic.

Naafiri's release is expected in LoL Patch 13.14, which is approximately two weeks after the teaser.

Naafiri will be a mid-lane assassin with a focus on simplicity and exciting gameplay that aligns with her hunt-themed abilities