League of Legends Elderwood skins 2023: champions, splash arts, release date, and more


Get ready to be spellbound with League of Legends Elderwood skins for 2023, which brings a magnificent roster of champions covered with alluring splash arts and enchanting graphics.

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New League of Legends Elderwood skins splash arts for 2023 revealed

League of Legends Elderwood skins are a collection of cosmetic skins that give the game a mysterious and enchanted feel. These skins show champions turned into strange creatures with lovely and elaborate designs, inspired by the mystical Elderwood forest.

Players now have a large selection of champions to pick from thanks to the Elderwood skin line, which was first released in 2016 and has continued to grow over time. Each skin in this series combines aspects of fantasy, magic, and nature to give players a distinct visual experience and a magical touch to their gaming.

Because they were inspired by numerous mythologies and folklore, the LoL Elderwood skins frequently depict champions as forest spirits or other supernatural beings. They stand out for their vivid hues, minute details, and thematic capabilities that have been tailored to complement the enchanted forest theme.

And now, the well-liked Elderwood theme in League is getting even more champions. This time, LoL Elderwood skins 2023 for Karthus and Wukong will be available for testing before being officially released to the live servers with Patch 13.13 on June 28.

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League of Legends Elderwood skins 2023 Champions

The LoL summer event 2023 is rumored to be the biggest one the creators have ever produced and will feature a new skin collection and game mode, according to a Riot announcement made earlier this year.

Riot is getting ready for the major summer event, which will include a tonne of new skins from a never-before-seen skin line as well as the brand-new 2v2v2v2 game format. And hence there aren’t too many champions getting LoL Elderwood skins 2023 (only two) as announced by Riot.

The champions getting League of Legends Elderwood skins 2023 include:

  • Karthus
  • Wukong

The LoL Elderwood skins 2023 splash art for both of the champions, even though these aren’t the most intriguing champions, are doing a great job of drip marketing. And Karthus and Wukong mains are certainly excited about their new looks because they look fantastic.

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League of Legends Elderwood 2023 Skins Splash Art

Returning are the Elderwood Skins! One of the nicest skin lines available in League of Legends is certainly this one.

LoL Elderwood Wukong splash art

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League of Legends Elderwood Wukong splash art

The playful and adventurous side of Wukong is abundantly clear in his LoL Elderwood Wukong splash art. The Monkey King’s staff and clothing are constructed of tree bark, and his blued-out fur has been covered. He caught sight of his clone in the distance, looking like the forest spirits that are creatures in the lore of many nations.

LoL Elderwood Karthus splash art

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League of Legends Elderwood Karthus splash art

In LoL Elderwood Karthus splash art, he stands out as being noticeably out of place in comparison to other skins with the “Elderwood” skinline, looking more in line with those that wear the “Old God” mantle, such Ivern and Volibear.

His staff now resembles an arm with a hand at the head guarding a collection of crystals, and his entire body seems to have been infected by tree roots and a profusion of fall leaves.

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League of Legends Elderwood 2023 Skins Release Date and Price

The League of Legends Patch 13.13 will introduce the Elderwood skins. This indicates that the skins will become accessible on June 29, 2023, one day after the official patch goes live.

These skins will have an epic tier price tag. As soon as Patch 13.13 rolls out to the live servers, you’ll be able to buy each LoL Elderwood 2023 skin for 1350 RP in the skins shop.

Star Guardian Seraphine and Orianna, who have been exclusive to League of Legends: Wild Rift since last summer, will also be made available for PC users with patch 13.13.

That concludes our discussion of League of Legends Elderwood 2023 skins. Even if there aren’t many new skins in store for us with the forthcoming patch, two Star Guardian skins and two League of Legends Elderwood skins look fantastic!

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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