Minecraft 1.20 Update: Here is Everything You Need to Know 

November 2022 is when Minecraft 1.20 is expected to be released. However, the release date can be postponed to December or January depending on the size of the upgrade.

Here are a few features that you may definitely anticipate seeing in the Minecraft 1.20 update, based on the most recent developer editions:

Spectator Mode : Players can freely fly through the world's solid areas while seeing through blocks in this game mode.

New Bedrock UI  The Minecraft Bedrock edition's redesigned ui has been shown in recent preview versions of the game. Seeing it with or before the Minecraft 1.20 release is a given because it feels more or less finished.

Desert Biome : The updated version of the desert biome is expected to include palm trees, meercats, and possibly an oasis.

Savanna Biome :  We anticipate seeing an updated Savanna in the Minecraft 1.20 release if the developers decide to upgrade this biome rather than the desert. Baobab trees, decaying vegetation, termites, and even ostriches could be present.

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