Valorant Agent 23: Cashew leaks on release date, abilities, lore, and more

By- Alex

Valorant Agent 23 is expected to arrive with Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 on June 28, based on previous release patterns.

Riot Games may unveil Agent 23 around June 21, coinciding with the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 event.

The teaser image shows Agent 23 examining suspicious data on a table, sparking speculation about their background.

The presence of heart-shaped waffles in the teaser image led to theories about Agent 23's origin, possibly Belgium or Norway.

The presence of a glow resembling the Northern Lights in Valorant's Night Market further supports the theory of Agent 23's origin being Norway

Agent 23 is classified as a Sentinel class agent and is speculated to excel at crowd control based on their abilities.

The "Death Trap" theory suggests Agent 23 may have an ability that freezes or immobilizes enemies, leaving them vulnerable to teammates.

The presence of yo-yo-related items on Agent 23's desk hints at a power similar to Astra's Gravity Well, pulling enemies closer.

Agent 23's lore suggests a potential connection to Agent 8, with theories suggesting that Agent 8 may have gained freezing powers after being in deep cryo-sleep and returning as Agent 23.