Valorant Agent 23: Cashew leaks on the release date, abilities, lore, and more


The much-anticipated Valorant Agent 23 is entering the game with a bang, leaving gamers excited to investigate the tactical options and strategic gameplay they’ll bring.

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Valorant Agent 23, currently codenamed Cashew will be released soon in the game

Riot Games, the developers of the popular FPS game Valorant, have officially teased the arrival of a new agent, Valorant Agent 23.

As with previous releases, players can expect this agent to shake up the meta and bring fresh gameplay dynamics to the battlefield.

While not much information has been documented about Agent 23, let’s explore what we know so far about this mysterious addition to Riot’s FPS game.

Valorant Agent 23 Release Date

Let’s begin with the basic question, “When Will Valorant Agent 23 Arrive?”

Drawing from the release patterns of previous Valorant acts and agents, it is speculated that Agent 23 will launch with Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 on June 28.

Riot typically releases two agents during some episodes and only one in others. As Gekko was the sole agent released in Episode 6, it suggests that Riot may introduce a new agent soon. Considering the upcoming VCT Masters Tokyo 2023, it is possible that Agent 23’s grand unveiling will occur around June 21. Fans eagerly await this first look at Agent 23.

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Valorant Agent 23 Teasers and Origin

Well, the most recent Valorant Agent 23 teaser came from ValorLeaks‘ tweet, showcasing what appears to be Sova approaching where the next agent might be in the video for the new agent.

Riot also provided us with a teaser image for Agent 23 in the first Dev Diary, and players have already made assumptions about the character’s background based on the image and the messages we have been receiving in the Firing Range.

The teaser image for Valorant Agent 23 features them examining suspicious data spread out on a table. However, the presence of certain elements has made it challenging to determine their origin.

Initially, the plate of heart-shaped waffles led some players to speculate that Agent 23 hails from Belgium, where waffles are a popular delicacy. However, others argue that heart waffles are also enjoyed in Norway. Adding to the confusion, some users claim that the brown topping on the waffle resembles Norwegian Brown cheese.

If the rumor is accurate, Agent 23 codenamed Cashew would overtake Breach from Sweden as the second agent from the Scandinavian region in Valorant. And it might not be that far-fetched to assume that their lore is related to one another.

Another clue comes from Valorant’s Night Market, which featured a glow reminiscent of the Northern Lights, a phenomenon associated with Norway. Therefore, Agent 23’s origin is believed to be either Belgium or Norway.

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Valorant Agent 23 Abilities

Another question that pops into fans’ minds is “What Can We Expect from Valorant Agent 23?”

According to Valorant’s executive producer, Anna Donlon, Valorant Agent 23 falls under the Sentinel class. While details are scarce, there is substantial anecdotal evidence suggesting that this agent excels at crowd control.

Described as being able to “stop you dead in your tracks and pull you in for a closer look,” Agent 23’s abilities hint at various possibilities. The Death Trap theory speculates that the agent might have an ability that freezes or immobilizes enemies, making them vulnerable to other teammates.

Another theory, proposed by a player named Thallo, suggests that Agent 23 possesses a power similar to Astra’s Gravity Well, pulling enemies closer. This theory is based on the presence of yo-yo-related items on Agent 23’s desk in a teaser image.

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Valorant Agent 23 Lore

Agent 23’s lore appears to be significant, potentially tying them to Agent 8, a missing character in Valorant. The Death Trap player card, featuring a cryogenic freezing chamber, hints at a connection between the two. The presence of the number “008” on the card has led to speculation that Agent 8 may have been in deep cryo-sleep, gaining freezing powers and returning to the game as Agent 23.

This theory aligns with the tech seen on Agent 23’s table, suggesting that they are not a Radiant agent like Cypher or Chamber, who bring their own instruments to the game. Instead, Agent 23’s frosty abilities might stem from the cryogenic chamber, inspiring their new tech.

As the release of Valorant Agent 23 draws near, players eagerly anticipate the fresh gameplay dynamics and meta changes this new agent will bring. With hints of crowd control abilities and intriguing connections to existing lore, Agent 23 promises to add depth and excitement to the game.

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Whether their origin lies in Belgium or Norway, and their connection to Agent 8 remains to be fully revealed, the community eagerly awaits the grand unveiling and the opportunity to explore the potential of this new addition to the Valorant roster.

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