Valorant Deadlock: Agent 23 abilities, appearance, origin, and new details leaked

By- Alex

The identity of Deadlock, a new Sentinel from Norway, was intended to be made public on June 25 during the Masters Grand Finals, however the information was leaked hours beforehand.

Valorant Deadlock is a new agent set to be released in Episode 7 Act 1 on June 27, fighting against the rival faction Alpha in the world of Valorant.

Deadlock is speculated to be a stylish female agent from the Norway region with silver-gold hair, unique moles on her face, and a prosthetic arm enhancing her abilities.

While specific abilities have not been revealed, Deadlock is described as a sentinel who can disable or immobilize enemies and provide strategic map control.

Deadlock is the second of three agents scheduled for release in 2023, with Gekko being the first and a Duelist agent planned for the future.

Deadlock's appearance and origin story reflect resilience and determination, with her prosthetic arm granting her combat enhancements and transforming her into a dynamic Sentinel agent.

Players are intrigued by the potential impact Deadlock may have on the pick rates of Cypher and Sova due to her unique tracking or hacking capabilities.