Minecraft Trial Key: What is a trial key, how to get it, and its use in new 1.21 update


A Trial Key is a special item in Minecraft, obtained from trial spawners, but it doesn’t have any functionality yet.

Minecraft Trial Key: What is a trial key, how to get it, and its use in new 1.21 update
Use our easy guide to know what is a trial key, how to get it, and its use in the new Minecraft 1.21 update

The Minecraft village bell is ringing, signaling the upcoming 1.21 update. Although the full update details are yet to be revealed, some features have been shared during the Minecraft Live presentation and through beta releases. Players have already glimpsed the update’s content, including a new item called the trial key, found in trial chamber structures.

What is a trial key in Minecraft?

A Trial Key is a special item in Minecraft, obtained from trial spawners, but it doesn’t have any functionality yet.

This key seems to be made partially of copper and has a handle with a skull featuring glowing eyes. Some players suggest that it could be used to make monster spawners movable with silk touch, allowing for cool contraptions and flexibility in building. 

How to get a trial key in the Minecraft 1.21 update?

Players must face challenges in the trial chambers to get this key, where spawner blocks are present.

But, what are Trial Spawners? They are special blocks that bring out groups of tough enemies. If you beat all the enemies, the spawner gives you cool prizes and takes a break. After a while, you can come back, and it’ll work again, letting you fight more mobs and get more rewards.

Now, moving forward, there’s a rumor that you might find Trial Keys in trial chambers, either in chests or corridor room pots with some percentage of drop rate in Java edition. However, Mojang hasn’t confirmed these claims yet. If true, it could mean more ways to get Trial Keys in the future, giving players new opportunities to use them for exciting purposes, like crafting and moving spawners for underground builds.

What is the use of a trial key in Minecraft?

Minecraft fans are buzzing with theories about trial keys and their mysterious purpose. Some think they might interact with trial spawner blocks or unlock hidden treasures in upcoming trial chambers. Currently, collecting these keys doesn’t have a clear purpose, but as the 1.21 update approaches, Mojang is expected to reveal their function in new betas. Patience is key for players eager to discover these new keys’ potential rewards. 

Mojang has a history of unveiling the purpose of updating items in due time, like torchflower seeds in the past. The hope is that this Minecraft 1.21 key will have exciting applications for players who brave the challenges of trial chambers.

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So, all-in-all, trial keys are capable of nothing at the moment. But, when Minecraft 1.21 comes out, you can look forward to it revealing something really helpful. 

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