Xbox Games Showcase 2023: every announcement at the thrilling event


As we bring you live updates from the eagerly awaited Xbox Games Showcase 2023, be ready for all the thrilling gaming news and announcements.

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Xbox Games Showcase 2023: live updates and thrilling announcements

Every so often, the Xbox brand hosts a showcase to introduce and highlight forthcoming software, hardware, and features. Microsoft and its partners can unveil new products and give the gaming community information on these events.

Xbox Showcase events typically consist of live-streamed presentations that are open to a large audience. They include previews of new games, gameplay clips, interviews, and occasionally even demonstrations.

On Sunday, June 11 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/6:00 PM BST, the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 will formally begin. And here we’ll keep you up to date on everything that was revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 LIVE.

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Xbox Games Showcase 2023: Every Announcement

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty teaser unveiled with September 26 release date

Keanu Reeves, who plays Johnny Silverhand in the video game, showed fans a brand-new clip for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty at the Showcase. The DLC, which will be available on all of the game’s platforms on September 26, will be centered on trying to figure out how to save V’s life, according to the clip, which featured gameplay and in-engine footage.

Xbox Series S’s black variant and increased storage announced

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft will soon release a new Black Xbox Series S console with a 1TB SSD for $350, which is only $50 more than the basic model. Preorders are currently available, and the release date is set for September 1. Also verified by Spencer is that Microsoft has boosted the quantity of Xbox Series X consoles available, making them more accessible for purchase.

Clockwork Revolution is officially announced by inXile

Clockwork Revolution, a first-person steampunk role-playing game, developed by inXile Entertainment (well known for Wasteland 3) and originally known as Cobalt, has been publicly revealed. Xbox, PC, and Game Pass will all be getting the game, and it will launch “in due time.”

Metaphor de Fantazio will be released in 2024

Towerborne will launch in 2024.

Cities: Skylines 2 will launch on Xbox and Game Pass on October 24.

A new teaser for the much-loved city-building game Cities: Skylines revealed a sequel. On October 24, Cities: Skylines 2—the sequel—will be made available on Xbox and Game Pass.

Dungeons of Hinterberg announced

Coming in 2024 to Xbox Series X and Day One Game Pass is Dungeons of Hinterberg.

Still Wakes the Deep is coming on Xbox and Game Pass in 2024

In 2024, Xbox and Game Pass will release Still Wakes the Deep, a game that appears to be in the horror genre and is set on an abandoned oil rig. As soon as the trailer is available, we’ll embed it here.

Jusant is Coming in the fall of 2023.

The little guy can squeak while you climb and make the plants grow in Jusant, anew game by Dontnod which is coming in the fall of 2023.

Starfield teaser to check back for the Starfield Direct

The Xbox Games Showcase featured a gorgeous new Starfield teaser that showcases more of the game’s enormous landscapes, factions, and other features. There was a reminder at the end of the trailer that Starfield will continue to release content after the show through Starfield Direct.

The release date of Persona 5 Tactica is November 17, 2023.

Overwatch 2 Announcements

Hero mastery and the new game mode Flashpoint are both coming to Overwatch 2. A firing range, a co-op event, and story missions are also forthcoming. On August 10, all of this will be released, together with the New Heroes Start Pack.

Elder Scrolls Online is coming on June 20

With a reminder that Elder Scrolls Online Necrom will be available on June 20, an intriguing trailer was released.

Forza Motorsport Reboot is coming in 2024

The Forza Motorsport Reboot will debut on October 10, 2023, according to a stunning new trailer that features a tonne of gameplay and in-engine footage. The game will be available on Game Pass and will launch on Xbox and PC.

Path of the Goddess announced

Path of the Goddess, an intriguing new action game with a focus on Japanese-style combat and aesthetics, has been announced by Capcom. Path of the Goddess will be available on Day One of Game Pass and Xbox Series X. On that one, there is no release date.

‘Atlantic City’, a new Fallout 76 expansion.

Fallout 76’s Atlantic City expansion has been revealed by Bethesda. Although we were shown a Vault-Tec-style training film in the form of a trailer with some cool music, we were not given a release date.

Yakuza Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth reveal trailer was dropped.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is coming in early 2024

Hellblade 2 Sinua’s Sacrifice will be coming in 2024.

Senua is shown squirming through a very narrow opening while hearing the voices in her head. Her surroundings are pulsing and twisting. She arrived here as a result of everything she did. In 2024, Hellblade 2 will release.

Flight Simulator 2024 announced.

Coming to Flight Simulator: aerial firefighting, Skydive aviation, aerial construction, industrial cargo transport, remote cargo drops, VIP charter services, air racing, and air ambulance and agricultural labor are just a few of the aviation specialties offered.

Confirmed new content for Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island!

On July 20, Rare’s cherished pirate game Sea of Thieves will receive a new content update dubbed Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island. All players will have free access to brand-new narrative materials that are based on the classic series.

Avowed is coming in 2024.

The release date for Obsidian’s upcoming fantasy role-playing game, Avowed, has been confirmed in a brand-new video featuring an abundance of stunning in-game footage. It will be accessible on PC and Xbox in 2024.

Persona 3 Reload is all set to release in 2024.

PayDay 3 is coming soon.

As you can guess, PayDay 3 appears to be completely chaotic, featuring a tonne of weaponry, explosions, and funny clown masks.

33 Immortals is coming in 2024 for Xbox and PC.

In 2024, Thunder Lotus’ new co-op action roguelike 33 Immortals will launch on Xbox. Notably, the game supports a wild 33-player co-op.

Star Wars Outlaws has been revealed for Xbox in 2024.

A new Star Wars video game called Star Wars Outlaws by Ubisoft was unveiled on the Xbox Series X|S during the showcase. The game is slated to release in 2024, and tomorrow’s Ubisoft Forward will provide further details.

South of Midnight was announced for Xbox and PC.

Project Midnight by Compulsion Games has evolved into South of Midnight, a fresh IP arriving on Xbox and PC via Steam.

The Xbox Games Showcase begins with a stunning new Fable trailer.

Fable Rebbot was the first game displayed at the Xbox Games Showcase. We met a charming new character named Dave the Vegetable Enthusiast in the stunning new teaser featuring in-game footage.

Trailers at Xbox Games Showcase 2023

The Xbox Games Showcase 2023 will include a significant amount of in-game and/or in-engine video rather than CG trailers.

Talking about the showcase, Greenberg said, “None of our first-party games are full-CG trailers, everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. He asserted that every one of the trailers at the Showcase will be labeled, hopefully making it easy for the fans to understand.

Xbox Games Showcase 2023 duration

For those wondering about the show’s duration, we have the answer for you. The VP of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg has stated on Twitter that the showcase will last “roughly two hours,” which means that fans can anticipate seeing trailers, reveals, announcements, and more for about 120 minutes.

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Xbox Games Showcase 2023 Start Time

On Sunday, June 11, the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase officially begins at:

  • June 11, 10 am PT
  • June 11, 1 pm ET
  • June 11, 6 pm BST
  • June 11, 7 pm CET
  • June 12, 2 am JST
  • June 12, 3 am AEST

You can watch from the UK at 6 p.m. BST if you are doing so. The Starfield Direct will start right after the showcase, which is expected to run around two hours.

Following the conclusion of the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Starfield Direct will begin streaming live. That places the start time probably somewhere around 11 PT / 2 ET.

Where to watch the Xbox Games Showcase 2023

The Xbox Games Showcase 2023 and Starfield Direct will be broadcast live on a variety of social media platforms, thanks to Xbox. On Sunday, June 11, you can watch the Xbox Showcase on the following platforms:

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Possible Games Announcements at Xbox Games Showcase 2023

It’s always entertaining to make assumptions about what Microsoft will be showcasing at its Xbox Game Showcases for its fans.

The Xbox Games Showcase 2023 teasers are intriguing because Microsoft has made it crystal clear that the 2023 showcase will include both new games and updates on major titles. Now, given that we haven’t heard much about many Xbox exclusives in recent years, this is quite intriguing.

The fantasy role-playing game Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment and Playground Games’ Fable Reboot is on top of the list. Though we cannot confirm this at this time, reports have claimed that numerous sources have affirmed that the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 will feature Avowed, Fable 4, and Persona 3 remake.

It’s likely that we will receive a good update regarding the Fable 4 game at the expo after Xbox shared a trailer showcasing glitter trails. Since the game’s first announcement three years ago, this would be the first time we’ve seen any footage of Fable.

Additionally, Starfield will take part in Xbox Showcase 2023, as was already mentioned. Starfield is so significant that Microsoft is giving it its own independent presentation time immediately following the Xbox Games Showcase. We might also catch a look at any upcoming Bethesda titles with Starfield coming out in September and Redfall already in the rearview, but that may be a bit ambitious.

In addition to these titles, rumors have suggested that the Starfield Xbox controller and headset will also be on display because a number of retailers have already disclosed its cost and photos.

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When is the Xbox Games Showcase 2023?

It has been officially announced that the Xbox Games Showcase for 2023 will begin on Sunday, June 11, at 10 a.m. PT.

What games are going to be showcased at Xbox Showcase 2023?

Though Microsoft has not revealed any list, the games that will possibly get some trailers are Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2, Fable 4, Hellblade 2, Gears 6, and Perfect Dark Reboot.

Where to watch Microsoft’s upcoming game showcase event?

You may watch the showcase event on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Xbox, or through your Bethesda or Xbox accounts.
Here are the links, as provided by the Xbox blog.

What time is the Xbox Showcase 2023?

The 2023 Xbox Games Showcase will start at:
June 11, 10 am PT
June 11, 1 pm ET
June 11, 6 pm BST
June 11, 7 pm CET
June 12, 2 am JST
June 12, 3 am AEST

We will keep you updated with new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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