Honkai Star Rail Topaz: skills, traces, light cone, release date, and 1.3 leaks


Honkai Star Rail Topaz, the new Fire character will have her own dependable Warp Trotter pet to support her in battle.

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Topaz will be released in a future update of Honkai Star Rail, reveals new leaks

Honkai Star Rail currently has 30 playable characters, including the main character. Some of the names are recognizable from Honkai Impact 3rd, while others are brand-new to the series.

From the very beginning of the game, the primary character, known as the Trailblazer, will be on your roster. The Warp system, commonly known as the in-game Gacha system, is where players can acquire the majority of the playable Honkai: Star Rail characters.

Each is significantly different from the others due to their different origins, motives, and appearances. They also have ultimates, each of which is tailored to the personality of the character.

More than 20 new characters for Honkai: Star Rail were recently leaked, with information on each character’s element and Path, one of which was Topaz.

And now new leaks have revealed fresh details on Honkai Star Rail Topaz, including her abilities, eidolons, light cone, and traces.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz

Honkai Star Rail Topaz is a 5-star Fire character and she belongs to The Hunt path. Although nothing is known about her role in the game’s story, her abilities imply that she is a skilled summoner who can enlist the assistance of her loyal companion Warp Trotter to aid her in battle.

As of the time this article was written, Topaz was not formally announced. But thanks to fresh datamines, trustworthy leaker – Mero has once more been able to reveal the impending release.

Topaz appears to be the first Fire character to use a pet in battle in HSR.

Additionally, Topaz is already featured in the game as the face of the Lightcone – Trend of the Universal Market, which additionally hints that she will eventually become playable in the game.

Now, before we dwell into further details, it is important to note that the data below has come from leaks, and are highly subject to change, so it’s better to take it with a grain of salt.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz Abilities

Star Rail Topaz Basic Attack: Deficit…

Deals Fire DMG equal to ?% of Topaz’s ATK to a single enemy target.

Star Rail Topaz Skill: Difficulty Paying

Casts single enemy target under [Attack Mark]. Follow-up attacks against enemy target under [Attack Mark] deals ?% more damage. Only one enemy target can be under [Attack Mark] at one time, when the current enemy target with [Attack Mark] dies, Topaz then casts [Attack Mark] to a random enemy target on the field. Zhang Zhang deals Fire DMG equal to ?% of Topaz’s ATK to the enemy target, this counts as a follow-up attack.

Star Rail Topaz Ultimate: Turn a Profit!

Zhang Zhang enters into a state of [Astonishing Increase], its SPD then increases by ?, Crit Rate increases by ?%, and Damage Multiplier increases by ?%. Zhang Zhang then attacks twice before exiting out of the [Astonishing Increase] state.

Star Rail Topaz Talent: Pig Market?!

When the battle begins, summon Zhang Zhang. Zhang Zhang starts with a SPD of ?, when it attacks, continues with a follow-up attack, deals Fire DMG equal to ?% of Topaz’s ATK to enemy target with [Attack Mark]. If there are no enemy targets with [Attack Mark] on the field, Topaz then casts [Attack Mark to a random enemy target. When Topaz becomes unable to battle, Zhang Zhang disappears.

Star Rail Topaz Technique: Explicit Subsidy

When Topaz enters battle, she signals Zhang Zhang to follow suit. Zhang Zhang will automatically find Basic Treasures and Warp Trotters within a certain range. When Technique is used, in the next battle, Topaz recovers ? points of energy after Zhang Zhang’s first attack.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz Traces

Also, the following has been revealed about Topaz’s Traces:

Trace 1: Bank Overdraft

Topaz and Zhang Zhang deals ?% more damage to enemy targets with Fire Weakness.

Trace 2: Financial Turmoil

When enemy targets under [Attack Mark] receives follow-up attack, Zhang Zhang’s turn is brought forward by ?%. This effect triggers at most once every time an attack is made.

Trace 3: Technical Adjustment

When Zhang Zhang attacks while under [Astonishing Increase] state, Topaz recovers an extra ? points of energy.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz Eidolons

Star Rail Topaz Eidolon 1: Incentive Mechanism

After using Ultimate, Zhang Zhang gains 1 extra attack in the [Astonishing Increase] state.

Star Rail Topaz Eidolon 2: Steady Growth

When the enemy target under [Attack Mark] receives a follow-up attack, strengthen the effects of [Attack Mark]. Follow-up attacks against enemy under Strengthened [Attack Mark] has ?% increased Crit DMG, this effect can stack max ? times.

Star Rail Topaz Eidolon 3: Catch Big, Release Small

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15; Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Star Rail Topaz Eidolon 4: Agile Processing

When Zhang Zhang’s own turn begins, Topaz’s actions are brought forward by ?%.

Star Rail Topaz Eidolon 5: Need for Inflation

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15; Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of 15.

Star Rail Topaz Eidolon 6: Friendly Takeover

When Zhang Zhang is under the [Astonishing Increase] state, its Fire RES PEN increases by ?%. Under this state, when Topaz uses her skill and Zhang Zhang attacks, there is a ?% base chance to return the skill points.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz Light Cone

Star Rail Topaz will have a signature light cone like other characters. Additionally, we are aware of the spectacular effect and lore of Topaz’s light cone, which goes by the name Annoyed and Happy.

Light Cone of The Hunt Path – Annoyed and Happy has a rating of five stars.

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Trend of the Universal Market light cone featuring Topaz

Topaz Lightcone skill: Come One By One

Increases Crit DMG of the wearer by ?%, and increase damage dealt by follow-up attacks by ?%. After the wearer casts an attack, if the attack hits an enemy target that was previously hit in their previous attack, they will gain 1 layer of [Vitality Food], otherwise the stack of [Vitality Food] will drop. Each stack of [Vitality Food] will increase their wearer’s ATK by ?%, this effect can be stacked up to ? times.

Lore: With regards to a personnel officer, “Being overwhelmed” is something that is absolutely unacceptable. Regardless of whether you are stressed or tired, you should straighten your back and face your problems! Unless… the ones overwhelming you are “them.” “Aiya, there’s no need to rush, I only have two hands!” The lady who had returned home after overtime, was crushed to the ground by a crowd of furry animals. They may not fully understand her language, and only laid their round heads onto her palms. The fatigue slowly faded, and in turn was replaced by the warmth and comfort of their fur.

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No, HoYoverse hasn’t yet announced a release date for Topaz. Meanwhile, sources suggest that she will be a playable character in one of the upgrades that come after the 1.3 banners.

This concludes our article on the upcoming character Honkai Star Rail Topaz. Players should use caution while dealing with these leaks and other data until miHoYo formally publishes any information.

We will keep you updated with new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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