GTA 6 logo reportedly leaked by Rockstar merch website


GTA 6 logo leak, which has supposedly come from the Rockstar merch website has given new hopes to the fans.

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The Grand Theft Auto 5 video game has proved to be one of the most popular and sold video games ever in history. So it is no surprise that the sequel in the GTA series, that is, GTA 6, is probably the most anticipated release from Rockstar Games ever.

Well, GTA 6 has indeed been confirmed to be in the pipeline. And every second that is true, fans all around the world are looking for the slightest scrap of information that they can get their hands on about this title. Regularly, you can find some of the other information that has been leaked about this game, be it images or rumored storyline details. There seems to be no shortage of posts about the leaks.

And as much as we are yearning for the slightest bit of news, the developers are just as strict about not releasing any. Nothing at all, not even a GTA 6 logo, has been official yet. But, but, but, that has not stopped our trusted leakers at all from leaking one out.3

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GTA 6 logo leak, possibly from Rockstar merch website

In this latest jab at the unknown, alleged fans of this game have pointed to an update of the online Rockstar Games store. There is no solid proof, as expected, that this is a legitimate update. But still, many are convinced (or have convinced themselves) that this update just gave us the first look ever at the GTA 6 logo.

Here are how things went down. The online Rockstar Games merch page was reportedly updated recently on April 15. The update consisted of a single item. And our leakers grabbed a screenshot just before it was rolled back. Fans say that this is because that item wasn’t supposed to go live yet.

The update was a shirt. This shirt in question had neither a proper label nor a price. The item had a codename and was free of cost. This is being referred to as “Black_Americas_Logo,” and the interesting fact is that it sported a logo that could only have been a GTA 6 logo. Or so claim the leakers.

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There was the classic 6 in Roman numerals (VI) in pink and blue coloring. And if we are being honest, it looks a lot like what the official GTA 6 logo would be.

The tweet from the Twitter account GTA 6 NEWS & LEAKS claimed that “GTA 6 logo (VI) has leaked on Rockstar store before they took it down.” It went on to state the title and that the one who tweeted can confirm that it is the “Rockstar store” of which the photo is.

As with all the leaks and rumors about GTA 6 at the moment, there is no way for us to tell whether this bit of leaked information on GTA 6 logo is the truth or just a malfunction on part of Rockstar Games.

To give all the credit that is due to the leakers, we’d have to say that on the one hand, known and trusted GTA leakers are claiming that they’ve seen this graphic and that it’s a GTA 6 logo that they have seen somewhere before, and that too on this site itself.

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But that is just one side of the equation. Other people have argued against this leak strongly. They say that the Rockstar Games merch site was not updated at all in the past 24 hours in the first place. They prove their claim by pointing at the fact that even if this shirt was available for a matter of seconds on the merch site through a mistake, it would have to be visible to us through something like a third-party archive, like “Wayback Machine.” The Wayback Machine is a website that is a digital archive of the World Wide Web (WWW).

So given that each side of the argument is offering us something to think about, it is rational to not put all of our trust in the GTA 6 logo leak and yet not dismiss it completely out of hand. This could very well be the final and official GTA 6 logo. But it could also not.

We needn’t wait long for the news though. Rockstar Games themselves have confirmed that the development is underway. So we will soon see if this GTA 6 logo leak is true or not.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.


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