Elden Ring DLC: release date, leaks, and all we know so far


Elden Ring DLC will be released at some point, but leaks have already revealed some info about it.

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Even if you are not an ardent fan of gaming, you will have heard of Elden Ring, the action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The type of success that this game saw has probably occurred only a few times in the history of gaming.

Now, given that this title has seen so much success commercially, it is highly likely that Elden Ring DLC (downloadable content) will become available for this game. This title already has a lot of non-used elements built-in. And as expected, rumors have been stirred up.

The question is when and what will the Elden Ring DLC look like? And what all expansions will there be? If history is to be consulted, then all of us are a little lost here as FromSoftware has a different approach for DLC.

Another influencing aspect here is the Elden Ring endings. Will the Elden Ring DLC be almost a separate game, like some Souls expansions, or will give us new endings. If not, will it be set after the ending of Elden Ring after the player either becomes or rejects being the Elden Lord?

And so we’ve put everything together about all that we know about Elden Ring DLC here.

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Elden Ring DLC Release Date

Starting with what we know for certain, the Elden Ring franchise is going to continue. But FromSoftware has been quiet about any further information about the DLC as of yet.

But looking at how popular the game has and the receptive response that it has gotten, we can be almost certain that Elden Ring DLC is in the works. We can take a hint from some previous collaborations between the publisher and developer.

Dark Souls 3 was the latest Souls title made by FromSoftware/Bandai Namco. It was released in April 2016. And the first additional content, the Ashes of Ariandel, was out in October 2016. The second DLC was The Ringed City and it went public in March 2017.

If history is any indication, then there will be two DLC packs for Elden Ring. The first one will release 6-7 months after the title’s release and the second and final will release another 6 months later. So we can speculate that Elden Ring DLC could be released by the Fall of this year, that is, 2022.

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Elden Ring DLC Leaks and Rumors

If we talk rumors, then the first Elden Ring DLC pack will be more PvP focused and could be located in the colosseum in Caelid. In the base game, you get a talisman from the Giant Pot warrior who guards this place if you beat 3 NPC dualists in front of him. You don’t have access to the colosseum in the game yet.

And this would make a good location for a PvP DLC. PvP fights are when you, a player, fight another player and not an AI combatant. Previous Souls games all had this feature but it was not included in Elden Ring. However, keep in mind that Dark Souls 3 added this PvP feature only in its second DLC.

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Elden Dreams

Dataminer Lance McDonald found out that Elden Ring once had certain items and quests that allowed us to explore the dreams of some NPCs, as reported by Eurogamer. And this omitted element might turn up in the Elden Ring DLC packs.

In this omitted content, Monk Jiko, an NPC, asks the Tarnished to get him Dream Mist. For this, you would have had to get inside this NPC’s dreams. And you probably could’ve been fighting literal nightmares. Plus the enemies in the Lands Between.

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Extended Endings in Elden Ring DLC

Again taking hints from history, the last two collaborations of FromSoftware/ Bandai Namco, Dark Souls 2 and 3, had DLC that extended the ending of the base title. But keep in mind that this did not alter the endings that the player had already unlocked and gone through.

In Dark Souls 2, once you collect all the three DLC packs, The Three Crowns DLC allowed you to finish another quest and thus unlock a new ending. So you had a third option basically, plus that which you already had, namely linking or denying the fire.

In Dark Souls 3, the players who finish all the three DLC packs were given a complimentary ending. This special ending sat with any of the other endings that the player would have unlocked till now by playing the base game. The player had the option of being able to escape the dying world and enter a painted world.

Since the ending of Elden Ring is already so interesting, it is exciting to think about the possibilities that Elden Ring DLC packs bring into the picture.

And that dries up our info-bank about Elden Ring DLC. Do give the packs a try when they come out!

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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