Best Minecraft blacksmith seeds for 1.19 update


Minecraft Blacksmith shop has turned into an extremely well-known and important way for players to find survival material, and below we have listed the best Minecraft blacksmith seeds for you.

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Given that Minecraft is such a versatile game, it can be classified under many headings. A major one would be survival. Speaking of which, what better place to pick up survival materials like food and maybe rare stuff like diamonds than a Minecraft blacksmith shop.

But you will agree to our line of reasoning that says that blacksmith shops are rare in Minecraft. Under such circumstances, and given their imperative need, there have been many shared seeds online that offer us a utopian world – utopian because some of these seeds have multiple blacksmith shops within a small radius. Plus, you need materials to craft anything in Minecraft.

You will find some of the best Minecraft blacksmith seeds for the 1.19 update waiting for you below.

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Minecraft blacksmith seeds for 1.19 patch

Minecraft blacksmith: 141795 seed

What’s better than a Minecraft blacksmith shop? Two blacksmith shops. That’s what this seed proffers.

Tread a bit northwest of the spawn point and arrive at approximately (X: 96, Z: -224) to find said two blacksmith shops waiting for you in a village. There’s no clear answer to what exactly lies with these shops because the materials they provide keep changing every time you use the seed. But still, the fact remains that two shops equal twice the loot, whatever that happens to be.

Minecraft blacksmith: -3036012646806147945 seed

At (X: 296, Z: 152) lies a village that sports a Minecraft blacksmith shop. The path to this shop is paved with gold. Literally. You will find buried caches of treasure along the beach on your way over to the village at (X: 136, Z: 8), (x: 216, Z:24), and (X: 216, Z: 136).

This is like a safeguard in case of an inadequate or unsatisfactory encounter with the blacksmith shop. After you are done with all this, take on the pillage outpost at (X: 248, Z: 360).

However, the test for this Minecraft seed was only performed for the Bedrock Edition. The Java Edition could be different.

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Minecraft blacksmith: 8322348 seed

The spawn point is close to a village at (X: 144, Z: 112). The blacksmith shop there, however, could prove to be insufficient for the adventures you wish to finance. So you could go over to (X: -768, Z: 400) for some rewards. At (X: -464, Z: 0) lies an abandoned village, which you could wish to encroach upon for a possibly more abundant supply of materials than your average Minecraft blacksmith shop.

But you must be up for a potential fight with zombie villagers. Now, from this village, if you wander northwest till (X: -535, Y: -51, Z: -136), then you could take on an ancient city if you have the stomach for it.

Minecraft blacksmith: 8973728 seed

The spawn point of this Minecraft blacksmith seed puts you in the middle of a village forest.

You will need to traverse long distances but it’s guaranteed that you will stumble upon at least a few blacksmith shops in a few villages. Here’s the list of all the villages that you could look into:

  • (X: -952, Z: 216)
  • (X: 120, Z: -296)
  • (X: 888, Z: 808)
  • (X: 1,416, Z: 904)
  • (X: 328, Z: 136)
  • (X: 728, Z: -328)
  • (X: 744, Z: 184)
  • (X: -168, Z: -328)
  • (X: 280, Z: 648)

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Minecraft blacksmith: 43664882 seed

Save the number of a lifeguard on your phone if you are not confident with your swimming because you will have to get wet here.

You will have to either swim or row over to approximately (X: 48, Z: 48) to arrive at an isolated island village, and incidentally, a Minecraft blacksmith shop. You will also find some resources to harvest. If you are in for a “stranded-on-an-island” feel in your Minecraft, then grab on.

Minecraft blacksmith: -539223779 seed

There’s a bonus here. You spawn at a point that is ripe to harvest resources like wood or ore. Then you could run along to (X: 200, Y: 79, Z: 200) for a village housing four blacksmiths. You are sure to acquire golden materials early on here for crafting and such. Then paddle up to the Overworld where you can save some time on extracting materials.

Minecraft blacksmith: 17645624058879295 seed

If you play the Bedrock Edition, you have hit the jackpot. A village stands right in front of your spawn point decked with a shipwreck and a ruined Nether portal.

And the cherry on top is that you can find up to 11 Minecraft blacksmith shops in this village at once. You get all the materials you want and more here.

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And that ends our list of the best Minecraft Blacksmith seeds for survival. A final note: this list should be regarded as a subjective ranking and not in any way absolute. Feel free to reorder our list of best Minecraft Blacksmith seeds to suit your interests the best.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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