Best Minecraft Speedrun seeds in 1.19 update


Players now frequently use the Minecraft Speedrun method to evaluate their in-game skills, and we have brought you the list of best Speedrunning seeds to make your gameplay smoother.

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There are a few methods that players can use to attempt a Minecraft speedrun. Either they can plant a certain seed to start off well balanced or they can leave the world generation to chance.

To qualify for a spot on the World Record Board, players only need to destroy the ender dragon in Minecraft as quickly as is reasonable.  However, there are a few seeds that can assist the worldwide race of gamers to defeat the ender dragon and earn their place on the record books of Minecraft.

What you need to speedrun through Minecraft is the right world seed to accommodate you. And we have a list of selections just for you, for both Java and Bedrock editions.

Here are the best Minecraft Speedrun seeds for version 1.19 for those looking for the best seeds to start another speedrun. These will work on any version of the game.

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Minecraft Speedrun seed – Quick Lava and Desert Village

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(4334684567609788140) (for Java)

Reconstruct ruined Nether portals at (X: -280, Z:56) and (X: 8, Z:136), which are both awesome locations when you get into the Nether.

At your spawn, there’s a lava pool, thanks to this Minecraft Speedrun seed. Supplies you can get at a desert village nearby at (X: -176, Z: -160). The nearest stronghold is at (X: 1,508, Z: 132). Plus, there’s a desert pyramid at (X: -264, Z:104) if you are interested in loot like golden apples.

Minecraft Speedrun seed – Two Piglin Bastions


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You know you exchange piglins for ender pearls for your eyes of ender. That’s why bastion ruins are needed when speedrunning in the Nether.

In the beginning, there’s a village at (X: 48, Z: -320) for supplies, which is close to your spawning location. In the Nether, (X: -272, Z:144) and (X:233, Z:87) are locations for bastions for piglin bartering. And when you get back to the Overworld, there’s a stronghold at (X: 1236, Z: -1436).

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Minecraft Speedrun seed – Ruined Portal Spawn

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Nether access and quick loot are both easily acquired here in the case of this Minecraft Speedrun seed, especially so in the former case as there’s a high probability that the portal won’t have crying obsidian.

If you need some help, there’s a taiga village at (X:400, Z:352). After all is done, there are two strongholds available to you: (X:-2,396, Z: -572) and (X: 436, Z:1,652).

Minecraft Speedrun seed – Easy Ruined Portal

minecraft speedrun seeds, best minecraft speedrun seeds in 1.19, minecraft seeds, Easy Ruined Portal seed

(-8272096027667337428) (for Bedrock)

Two things you need for a seed to be effective for speedrunning: ruined Nether portals and blacksmith shops. You get both with this Minecraft Speedrun seed.

Gather materials fast and get into the Nether. There’s a village nearby the spawn at (X:200, Z: 216). Requisite blacksmith shops and iron golems for fast material farming can be availed here. Plus, there’s no crying obsidian in the ruined Nether portal at (X:24, Z:120)’s frame. So you get to make your own obsidian and enter the Nether efficiently.

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Minecraft Speedrun seed – Structures Galore

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Four nearby villages are conveniently accessible. Three ruined Nether portals sit a saunter away from the spawn point. So there is additional loot and easy entry to the Nether.

Now, the portals will spit you out near Nether structures so you can quickly search for blaze rods and ender pearls. Finally, the nearest stronghold is at (X: 1,144, Z: 84).

Minecraft Speedrun seed – Ideal Bedrock

minecraft speedrun seeds, best minecraft speedrun seeds in 1.19, minecraft seeds, Ideal Bedrock Speedrunning Seed


Frankly speaking, there is no better Minecraft Speedrun seed in Bedrock Edition version 1.19 than this one.

You spawn near a village. Grab your booty and run to it at (X: 360, Z:232). Here, there’s also a ruined Nether portal and a desert pyramid. There is no shortage of loot in the village. Plus, the desert pyramid has a store of some exceptional and rare items and materials. On top of all this, there’s a skeleton spawner near the village. What more could you possibly need for your Minecraft Speedrunning?

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Minecraft Speedrun seed – Taiga Seed

minecraft speedrun seeds, best minecraft speedrun seeds in 1.19, minecraft seeds, Taiga Speedrun Seed


This is where the search for the perfect Minecraft Speedrun seed ends. Just as the previous Minecraft Speedrun seed was suited to the Bedrock edition, this one’s the same for the Java edition.

The spawn point is beside a ruined Nether portal with an absence of crying obsidian. At (X: 400, Z: 352) is located a resourceful village for your material and supplies convenience. But you will need to navigate through some difficulties to enter the Nether. The closest stronghold is at (X:436, Z: 1,652).

And that ends our list of the best Minecraft Speedrunning seeds. A final note: this list should be regarded as a subjective ranking and not in any way absolute. Feel free to reorder our list of best Minecraft Speedrun seeds to suit your interests the best.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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